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XTRAordinary- Autism Awareness Event

Hi Ambassadors!

XTRAordinary - An event meant to raise awareness about autism, organized by Wild Heartz, a group of NYP volunteers under the Youth Corp Leaders Programme is almost here! This event will comprise of two events.
The first event is an Autism Awareness Roadshow. Exciting simulations, games, information booths will be set up to reach out to all youths in Singapore to raise awareness about autism. In addition, freebies, treats and a lucky draw have been planned as well for the participants.
The other event would be a talk conducted by an organisation called EmbraceAutism about the Son-Rise Programme. A rehabilitation therapy for children with autism and it uses unconventional techniques to help open up the world of communication to the child.

Event Details
Roadshow : 8 June & 9 June (11am-7pm)
Location : Auditorium Lobby

Talk by EmbraceAutism : 9 June (6.30pm-8.30pm)
Location : Theatre For The Arts

Volunteer Briefing: 7 June (6pm-8pm)
Location : Auditorium Lobby

Roles for volunteers:
- Managing the booths and answering queries from participants
- Ensure logistics are readily available
- Ushering of participants into the venue

There will be 5 shifts altogether. However, Shift 4 & 5 cannot be signed up together.
Shift 1: Day 1(8 June) - 10.30am - 3pm (Auditorium)
Shift 2: Day 1(8 June) - 2.30pm - 7pm (Auditorium)
Shift 3: Day 2(9 June) - 10.30am - 3pm (Auditorium)
Shift 4: Day 2(9 June) - 2.30pm - 7pm (Auditorium)
Shift 5: Day 2(9 June) - 5pm - 9.30pm (TFA)

Attire for Roadshow : Black NYP T-shirt, Long pants and covered shoes
Attire for Talk : Informal Attire

1 CCA Point will be awarded to volunteers who sign up for at least TWO shifts.
Excuse letters will be provided.

Do sign up at this link if you are interested to volunteer and help out at this event!

For those who are interested in listening to the talk or attending the roadshow may also register yourself with this link!                        

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