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[IMPRINTS] Graduation Duty 2017

Graduation ceremony was quite a happy and lively occasion for everyone especially for the graduates, their family and the lecturers who taught them for the past three years in their Polytechnic life here at Nanyang Polytechnic. This was my first ever graduation ceremony in Ambassadorial Team as I was recruited in the second intake as a probation ambassador during the previous year, in 2016. We made ourselves known by being friendly, polite, and keeping a positive outlook on things. More importantly, keeping that big smile in front of everyone regardless of the situation we face with parents as we are the face of NYP and it is important to leave them with a good impression of our school.

It was an eye-opening experience for me as it allowed me to feel a sense of gratitude on how much preparation is needed on everyone’s part, from the teachers, lecturers, student helpers (eg. Ambassadorial Team) for just a simple graduation ceremony to run smoothly and also, I will treasure the effort done by these people when I graduate in two years’ time.

Now with my experience doing formal duties during my probation year, doing this duty was less nervous but it was trilling as there are times when there are “hiccups” when delegating seats to parents when they enter the auditorium as a handful of them are quite hesitant. But with teamwork, a big smile and enthusiasm, the parents cooperated which ultimately made the event go as planned.

Also, as a junior ambassador, I needed to show the newly added probation ambassadors of Ambassadorial Team how to conduct themselves in front of parents, maintain a professional look during duty and also have that enthusiasm when doing duty which makes the whole graduation process a whole lot better. Overall, everyone from A-Team did their best, we enjoyed the time doing the Graduation ceremony, bonded with each other though such a big event (especially the new probation ambassadors with the rest of us) and make the whole event a memorable one for everyone!

Written by: Hazron Khairy Abdull Hamid (Junior Ambassador)

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