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Installation Core Comittee

Hello Ambassadors,

As you all know,our installation committee have been announced during the previous general meeting. They will be responsible in guiding and managing one of Ambassadorial Team's biggest and prestigious event. Do show your support to them and lets all make this year's installation memorable and joyous. Here are the names of the Installation 2017 Committee

Overall I/C- Celestia Koh
 Overall AIC- Lei Anni
Ceremonial Procedure I/C- Han Min
Ceremonial Procedure AIC- Netania
Registration & Decoration I/C- Krusita Putri & Cai Pei Xuan
Registration & Decoration AIC- Eugene & Vanessa
Logistics I/C- Valerie
Logistics AIC- Eric
Publicity & Creativity OIC- Nadiah
Publicity & Creativity AIC- Swinnerton
Performance OIC- Pyu Thit
Performance AIC- Damien
Video OIC- Elisabeth
Video AIC- Chin Huan
Advisors- Aster,Khairul,Haiqal,Mervin,Pei xian,Anggun,Jomund

Best Regards,
22nd Key Driving Comittee

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