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Purple Parade

Greetings Ambassadors

Purple parade is initiated by People's Association to support people with special needs. Its a shared movement to make our home a more inclusive place for people with special needs. A-Team,EMcee club and BB primers will work together to take on this event. Ambassadors will be needed for befriending and manning of carnival booths.

Here are the details,


  1. Purple Campaign @ NYP(17-21 Oct please choose one date)
  2. Love Navigator-Special needs(24 Oct) Compulsory
  3. Purple Parade Briefing(3 Nov) Compulsory
  4. Purple Parade Actual(5 Nov) Compulsory
  • Purple Campaign(11am-2pm)
  • Love Navigator-Special needs(6.30pm-8pm)
  • Purple Parade Briefing (6.30pm-8pm)
  • Purple Parade actual(3pm-7pm)

Location: NYP,Suntec City(To be advised)

Sign Up Here:

Do sign up and see all of you there!
Best Regards,
22nd Key Driving Comittee

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