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[IMPRINTS ]Graduation Duty 2016

If I’m not wrong, it was around the first week of May that I came across this graduation duty.
It was the first duty I took part as an ambassador in NYP (I am only a probation ambassador). And of course, I am excited and, at the same time, nervous. Excited because it my first duty. Nervous because it is my first duty as well. This is a very important duty as guest would come to NYP. And it was our job to guide them to their respective places and attend to their enquires. It seems like an easier thing to do, however, it is important to get it done well.
May 15, 2016. It was the D-day. Although it wasn’t the first graduation duty in 2016, it was for me. The two graduation I helped out was SCL (School of Chemical and Life Science) and SIDM (School of Digital and Media).
For the SCL duty, I was the ‘inside doorman’ to the auditorium. My job was to smile at every guest and welcome them to NYP. At the same time, directing them to the sitting area they are supposed to go to. Initially, when I received what I am supposed to do, I thought: this seems easy but at the same time, tiresome. I have to repeat phrases certain phrases continuously.
 When it was time and the guests started streaming in, I smiled and said: ” Welcome to NYP.” I just did what I was supposed to do. The first guest, however, looked at me, smiled and said:” Thank you”. She looked absolutely happy. I supposed she was a parent of a graduating student and was happy her child graduated. Although her child graduating have nothing to do with me and that I didn’t know her child at all, I felt happy for her.
And this happened not just to the first guest, this happened to almost every guest that came in. Every time I welcomed them, I could see from their eyes that they looked happy and proud. Next, I was to direct the graduating students that just received their certificate to where they are to be. At the same time, I congratulated the students. All of them looked elated and thanked me.
My role was supposed to a very minor one. However, after going through it, I felt that as tiny as it seems, a simple act of congratulating them suddenly seems important.
However, there would be somethings that wouldn’t go the way you wish to go. Some problems would still pop up. And of course, a big event like this is bound to have one or two problems. I encountered them.
It happened when I was doing the SIDM duty. I was to stand at the door that prevent the guest from entering the auditorium. When the door open, we are to only allow people that have the invitation in due to the limited seats. However, there are families that bring more people than they are allowed. They would try to bargain to enter the auditorium. Some said their child would sit onto their laps. Some said they don’t mind sitting on the stairs. There are some that also claim that they received lesser invites than what they needed.
It was the level headed people, that stood at the door as well, that handled everything calmly. They managed to not agitate the guest and solve the problems such that it was agreeable for the guest. While looking at how they handled the problems, I understood what to do at certain problems and helped them out.
After the whole event, I felt tired, my toes had blistered as I wasn’t used to wearing that heels. But overall, I felt I did something meaningful (to me) and learnt the importance of level headedness.

Written by:
Wei Ting Lee

“Graduation is an exciting time. It’s both an ending and a beginning; its warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future.”
My role for the graduation duty is to usher the audience to their seats in order and to ensure that every audience will get a sit, by trying to fill up all the seats as we had a full house for most of the shifts. This was my first duty since I joined A-team, I was fortunate to be led by my experienced and professional junior ambassadors and are contented with the experience I gained from the event. In addition, I am truly gratified by the success of the event with our concerted effort.
Before the graduation duty, the probations were sincerely obliging to do a briefing on the key things to note as well as how to handle the different situations. They actually even made the effort to act it out for us. I'm sure their efforts are greatly appreciated by the probations as that helped us to be better prepared for the day. What's worth mentioning is that all the recruits are also very engaged and actively participated in the activities during the briefing.

During the shift, I saw every individual doing their part by politely asking the parents not to leave any seats in between due to a full house. I was lucky to not encounter any difficult situation to deal with, as most of the parents are understanding and reasonable after I explained the situation to them. Before the ceremony, I saw many ambassadors taking the initiative to greet the parents
with a bright smile when they walked in, and also wished them for this special occasion. Most of the parents showed their token of appreciation by returning the greeting or simply gave us a smile. To me, that would be sufficient to make my day.

The duty was not as easy as I thought, standing and remaining in good posture with court-shoes wasn't entirely bearable. However, I'm so proud of my teammates as everyone remained well in their position before we take turns to take a short break.
I had one morning duty, that we had to report as early as 7 a.m., i thought that was an early timing for duty. However, later on I realized that the probation had reached earlier to do preparation, and waited for every member to get changed, be ready for the event. I remember what Anggun said that touched my heart, back then we were discussing about the reporting time, and she said even if she was called for duty at a timing as early as 5, she will make it. At that moment, I realized
how dedicated to she was to the cca she is keen on, I believe that was the reason for her good performance.
Through this event, I also learned the way of communication that would be more acceptable to others and how to negotiate when a difficult situation is encountered. On a side note, as the in charge for the graduation duty that day, Celestia and Jomund was thoughtful to prepare a small gift for every member that was involved in the duty, that totally ended my day blissfully after long hours of duty.
After the graduation, I saw the beautiful smiles on the faces of seniors and am truly happy for them and are proud of their accomplishments. I'm glad and fortunate to play a part in making their graduation successful and memorable. 
Written by: Anni Lei

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