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The Life Skills Development Workshop (LSWD) was a collaborated project between the Ambassadorial Team and the Emcee Club for all the students who are studying in Nanyang Polytechnic. This workshop was successfully held on three different dates with three sessions starting from 6.30pm to 9.30pm. The main idea for this workshop was for students to develop skills that are very essential within their poly life and for the near future.
As for me, I attended the second session on the 24th of May 2016. To be really honest, I wasn’t really interested in attending this workshop has I had a lot of school related things to be done and my mind set was only to attend because it was compulsory for the probation ambassadors to go.

It was 6.15pm when I entered the lecture theatre along with my friend Phay Shan and we were both really exhausted as our classes started at 8am and we’ve been awake since 5am that day. Later on, we signed our attendance and found a place to sit in the middle row but the A Team committee had ask us to sit in the front row, right in front of the screen. After adjusting to our seats, I opened my laptop to do my pharmacology project and just then my A Team friends came to say Hi. Nevertheless, they were all very friendly as usual and even the Emcee club members interacted well with all of us who attended.

Suddenly, I was keen in participating and paying attention to the workshop because not only the vibes were positive but the slides and presenters was really engaging and they definitely executed the slides well too.
Despite the exhaustion, I was all out in all the presented sections as it was really helpful. On the other hand, I grew up with an English speaking family and with this I did not have any problem growing up and communicating in English, no matter where I am. I thought my English was good enough until the Emcee Club presenters covered a section on “Pronunciation” and mind you this was super helpful as there were quite a few words that even most of them were mind boggled on. Hence, this was one of the section from LSDW that I found very beneficial, not only for me but judging the crowd, I bet everyone was astonished too.

Furthermore, two Dental Hygiene and Therapy students was there to give a talk on oral hygiene and this section was equally informative and useful. I had no idea that brushing your tongue with your toothbrush would only double the amount of bacteria. I was flabbergasted and immediately ordered tongue scrappers from my dentist for myself and my family the very next day.
The interacting games were good too and it also made us meet new friends from different CCA’s and courses. It was nice to compliment someone in a “Bingo” game and also to get back some unexpected compliments. Lastly the game up on screen where everyone had to go online to respond very fast and correct was heart racing and fun too.

Moreover, the scope as an ambassador was improved with various leadership and poly-applicable skills such as true leadership, acceptance, public speaking, self-presentation like dressing for events and colour coordination was very useful. Nevertheless, it would have been double useful for those timid and introverts or those year one’s trying to adjust to poly life.
The one that hit me the most was the video of the business man and the beggar on act, pretending to fall down and see how many people would help them. That video certainly left me with a question mark in my head as I understood that different individual has different opinions, judgements and way of thinking. To me, I believe it is a virtue for a human to understand and accept differences to live a better life and have better relationship with individuals from different backgrounds and mind set.

In a nutshell, these were some of the sections that was not only an eye opener but very practical and handy. I would like to thank everyone for this successful workshop and especially grateful to my 22nd Key Driving Committee for introducing us to this event. I did not regret even a tiny bit despite being dead tired by end of the day because it was definitely worthwhile. No doubt, the LSDW would have most certainly been helpful for all those who attended. I hope to join for more fruitful workshops and events in the near future but this time with a changed mind set which is looking forward to more events like this. Given a chance to attend this, I hope I get to join the Exo to carry out the event next year and share my experience and knowledge as I think everyone should go through this very advantageous workshop.

Written by:
Khosshala Balu
(Year 2, Probation ambassador)
Picture courtesy:
Photography by A Team Instrgram

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