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From being a participant of Camp Nexus in my Year 1 to being an AIC in my Year 2, I was really glad that I was given the chance to organise for Camp Nexus’16.
When I was first offered to be in the planning committee for Camp Nexus’16, I had some doubts on whether should I join the planning committee due to various reasons such as commitment levels and my schedule constraints. After some time, I decided to join and I was offered the AIC position.

As an AIC for Camp Nexus, I had to do many things especially admin matters. There were times when I felt tired as we had to finish up some matters within a specific time period. For instance, me and one of my OIC had to try to finish typing out the whole nominal roll within one hour and we had to rush to the library to type all 70 plus participants details into the nominal roll.

Even though there were many times that I felt that the planning process was tiring, however there were still many times during the planning process where I had fun with my whole planning committee.

I was really glad that I joined the planning committee as through this whole experience I was given, I got to learn many new things and I got to many more new friends from the different CCAs. This was my first time where I had to plan for a camp which is a big event. I really enjoyed the whole camp experience, including the planning process. I would always remember this great experience that I had in Camp Nexus. I would like to thank A-Team and Pei Xian who has given me this chance of planning for Camp Nexus’16.

You should always make good use of the opportunities that are given to you as through these opportunities that you take, you will be able to learn something from it and benefit from it.

Written by:
Clarabelle Siew

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