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The Golden Times with Ren Ci Community Hospital

The Golden times was initiated by Krusita. The main aim of this event was to make a meaningful Christmas for the elderly in Renci. We wanted to bring joy to the elderly and bring a smile to their faces. We also wanted to raise awareness regarding how fast paced Singapore is as a society and how often we forget about the elderly.

There were many challenges faced in the process. One of the challenges was that we wanted to visit the chronically ill patients, to interact with them and make their day. However, not all of us were keen, some of us felt that we were not mentally prepared and would get emotional when we see them in such a state. We also felt that we needed experience on how to interact with them before having the event itself as we were afraid that some of our words or actions during interaction might hurt them. To solve this issue, we decided to follow Krusita to one of the weekly events at Renci called Sunny Sunday to learn how to interact with the elderly effectively. It was fun and meaningful as we manage to learn many skills from that event. Another problem was that the Golden times event was very near to our examination period, many of us could not spare a lot time to help with the event preparation, due to studies. However, we manage to make use of whatever time we had as a team and managed to complete some of the pre made items we planned to give the elderly. There were still a lot of pre made items to be done and Krusita offered to do the rest by herself, which was truly noble. Another challenge faced was that it was hard to get volunteers as there were no CCA points awarded, thus not many people were as keen to join. Even though it was hard to get volunteers, we managed to get students who were unable to volunteer to donate items needed to make the pre made gifts for the patients.

On the actual day, things were rather messy due to minor hiccups and we made quite a few changes on the day itself. The bliss of it all was that we managed to bring smile onto the elderlies’ faces and we shared the joy of Christmas, fulfilling the aim. On the day itself, we actually focused mainly on befriending with the elderly, dedicating songs to them and teaching them craft works such as paper crane and paper hearts.

We felt that overall; it was very meaningful and memorable. There are areas that could be further improved, such as making the pre made gifts earlier, having better communication, splitting the job equally and have better publicity. But all in all, we managed to do something special this Christmas and we are grateful to be given a chance to participate and organize such an event. We are also very grateful to have Krusita who have put in so much effort in organizing and executing this spectacular event. It was also a very good chance to be able to work with our fellow teammates Yi Chien, Li Hui, Tong Hui, Evvate, Yu Chang, Afiqah, Ameline and Krusita. Through this event we managed to get to know each other better. There were ups and downs but in the end we conquered it together and that's what Ambassadorial team is all about.

Written by:
Yong Jin and Angeline.

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