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NKF Sing Along '15

How did I get myself involved in the NKF sing along? Well, let me tell you my story. My name is Sri, a probation ambassador.

I got assigned as Overall In-Charge of this event when I was on duty at the Generation NYP booth when Syafa’at approached me. I thought he was going to ask me about how things are going at the booth and suddenly the first few words that spilled out his mouth shocked me.

“Sri, I want you to take charge of the NKF outreach event.”

Sounds like a funny story right? Well, read on and let me bring you on my exciting journey planning this event.

The first task was to assemble a few ambassadors to be part of the committee. Upon appointing my committee, we went for our very first meeting without knowing what to expect.

It turns out that we will won't be planning this event alone. But with the support of NYAA and BB Primers. I was really excited to know that we'll be liaising with two other CCAs because that means we'll be making more friends!

The NKF sing along is about spreading joy and laughter to dialysis patients, since it is indeed the season to be jolly. The event took place in many different dialysis centres across the island over the span of four days. Each day, three dialysis centres from a different region of Singapore were infected with the cheerful carols by Nanyang Polytechnic students.

The planning process was relatively smooth with lots of great ideas generated for the event. The members from NYAA and BB Primers were really nice and great to work with. As it was a sing along event for Christmas, we had to sing happy and joyful songs. Other than Christmas songs, we decided to also sing songs in different languages such as Malay, Chinese and even songs in different dialects.

We also decided to prepare goodie bags to be given out to the NKF patients as a small token from us. It is the season of giving after all. The contents of the goodie bag include a handmade photo frame and some Mentos sweets that would prevent them from being giddy after dialysis.

It was really tough to plan an event within a relatively short time frame. To add on to the pressure, the planning stage and execution stage falls on our examination period. As the overall In-Charge, it was hard to get everyone to commit to meetings.

The whole preparatory process before the event wasn't an easy one. In a committee of 20 people, sometimes only less than 7 would attend the preparation process. During that period, we would prepare our logistics for the event from sorting out food for the volunteers to packing goodie bags for the NKF patients. It was a challenge indeed but hey, we did it in the end.

Gathering volunteers wasn’t the easiest to do either. We set up a booth outside the old MSC studio where we promoted our event for two days. Since the event was open to all students from Nanyang Polytechnic, it was nice to see students being interested in our event. The Ambassadorial Team was also exposed to more students as other than just asking about our event, they would also enquire about our club.

The days of the event finally arrived. As they often said, the first day is the trial of how the event would be. Since it was on a Wednesday, we could only interact with a few dialysis patients who were in the night shift dialysis. The expected number of volunteers and the actual turnout was really disappointing, but like what Syafa’at advised us, it was not about how many people you have but how you utilise your manpower. True to his words, despite the poor attendance, the event still turned out pretty well. Glad to say, the success continued over next three days of the NKF sing along.

Sounds like a rather taxing story right? Well it was worth it when you see the smiles on the dialysis patient’s faces.

But, I couldn't have done it alone without my lovely Assistant In-Charges, Anggun and Celestia.

We weren't just friends or work mates, but we were a team. We did everything together, from proposals to preparation and even get scolded together. Our burdens was shared, and they did every single task assigned to them really well. As time was a constraint, we had to put in extra effort and work around the clock. Skype was our main medium of communication, aside from WhatsApp. Sometimes, we'll even skype till wee hours of the morning. However, we also took care about each other's well-being and reminded each other to sleep, eat and study. If you asked me for one word to describe them, it would be angels.

Initially, I didn't know the true importance of an Assistant In-Charge. Thankfully, this event has given me the exposure that I might not be able to find anywhere else. In my opinion, without my whole committee, Anggun and Celestia especially, NKF sing along wouldn't have been a success.

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