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Christmas 2015

CHRISTMAS is one of those holidays that just seem to be filled with cheer and wonder. Whether you are celebrating a secular or religious Christmas, your day is sure to be filled with happiness and joy. Christmas celebration is not foreign to the Ambassadorial team. It has been celebrated way long before I even joined Ambassadorial team. Thanks to JJ’s buddy group with Mccoy taking the lead, we have Christmas celebration in 2015 which thankfully, came early for us, 18thDecember 2015. All the committee members were looking cute with their Christmas hats, and almost everyone had a little red on them.

The event kicked off at around 6.30pm with participants registering themselves, handing over their Christmas gifts and getting freshly-baked cookies (and oh, it was delicious! Thanks to whoever baked it!!) and Oreo as door gift. The participants were divided into 2 groups; Reindeer and Stephen Hawkings (I’m not sure about this though). Not really much of a competition between the groups, but more like working together and bond more with the members and ultimately, to just have a good time.

Both teams were given clues to where they were supposed to go for their first station. It was a classic game, pretty cliché, played but many. However, it never fails to light up and liven the mood of each individual. It’s none other than charades! It was fun trying to guess the sentence, especially when the sentence was really entertaining. After successfully complete each station, we were given the next clue and for me to sum up all the games, it’ll be a super long post. So let me just jump straight to the game where I enjoyed the most.

The game that I personally thought the most challenging was at Chrisdale and Yuning’s station. At their station, we had to pass a marble through obstacles using a slightly dented cardboard, which is pretty open and not really secured, hence the marble ball could be flicked out of the cardboard anytime, which will incur 20seconds to our overall time. The obstacles that the we had to pass through are not the typical tunnels, but we had helix turns. To make things worse, all these obstacles are not situated somewhere within our height limit. Yong Jin had to carry me on his back while I try to complete the obstacle with other team members supporting us, ensuring the ball doesn’t drop to the floor. It’s cliché when we always say, “Oh, I’ve learned about teamwork, etc”, but the main takeaway for me is the importance of teamwork, not just in the game. But through this activity, it made me realize, to succeed in whatever we do, we require, we need people to help us and guide us along the way.

However, the last station was really fun and I believe I enjoyed the most there. At that station, one of the team members would volunteer to be our Christmas tree. He/she will get the honour of being dressed up by the other team members looking like a beautiful tree!

When it comes to designing and fashioning things up, everyone has their own little ideas and imaginations. Of course, everyone would want to see their ideas portrayed on the masterpiece. Thankfully for my group, we could compromise and worked together and came up with our beautiful tree (which is on Paul).

 What is Christmas without gift exchange right? So the event closed with exchanging of gifts while the participants were trying to find their own secret Santa. All in all, the event was successful and they have met the objective of this event. Although not all of us celebrates Christmas, but through this IE, it brought the members together and bond with each other and to basically just have fun. Hats off to JJ’s buddy group!

Written by:
Muhammad Shulhan Bin Mohd Sidek

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