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NEXUS Camp'15

Ever since I got selected to participate in camp Nexus, I was excited and looking forward to seeing what new experiences it would bring me. However, when I knew that the camp will be shortened from a 3 days 2 nights camp to a day camp, I was slightly disappointed but still anticipating it. Since it was a bonding camp, I wanted to see what kind of activities are made for this purpose and how it will help us know each other better. After all, the school is just another large community, in which some may find communicating with others a bit more challenging. 

The moment I arrived at the day camp, I registered and collected my camp shirt to change. The participants belonged to all the various community service clubs in the school. I thought it was a great thing since I was about to meet new people and share experiences. I was great to find out more about the rest of the community service clubs. Once the camp started we had ice breaking games and a befriending workshop. I learned great new ways of meeting new people and to break the ice by asking the most elementary things in order to start a conversation. After the ice-breaking games, it was the befriending workshop that was conducted by the community service club. They shared their befriending experience with everyone. I understood from this session that seniors from different age groups will require a different form of attention as well as activities planned for them. After the sharing session, we were given different scenarios of challenges faced when dealing with the elderly. We worked together as a group and discussed solutions for the challenges. These activities focused on helping everyone improve their interacting skills with the elderly people. This is greatly beneficial since our generation is so different from theirs, various misunderstandings can arise.

After lunch, we were given a task. We are given a listen of 10 words and a time frame of 30mins. Using that list of words, we were supposed to hold a conversation with people at designated locations and lead them to reply the words we were given. This was a challenging task as my group members and I were not used talking to strangers or to even find people willing to spend time with us. After much effort, my group could only complete 6 out of 10 given words. It was a fun and enriching game.

But the day camp was not only about sitting down and discussing troubles. After all, we are young and full of energy. So in the afternoon, we enjoyed an amazing race. Being competitive and giving everything I have is something I always believe. I never liked being last, so a race was all I needed to get motivated and show my best qualities. It was fun as well even though the weather was not on our side; it did not stop us from completing as many every station while helping each other to pass the station.  Even though we did not finish the race first and regardless of the race’s result as all of us enjoyed and no one got upset. After all, it was a bonding day camp, and we all knew how to take a defeat.

At night, the day camp ended in the most beautiful way possible. We had to perform a skit that related to the theme of Greek mythology. I can say that in my team, everybody communicated and collaborated with each other, so we rapidly found the best skit to show. We made a small scene play, while including stories from other myth and trending elements to make the performance more creative. This was another activity that was incredibly fun. I loved seeing my group members getting so serious and trying to play their roles to the best of their abilities. And, in the end, our efforts were repaid, as everyone laughed along to our skit.

So I must admit it was a successful day for me. I learned a lot about how to communicate with the others better, learned things I never knew about and how to manage any conflicts that may appear and of course I had loads of fun. This day camp was an experience I will not forget soon. I managed to meet new people and make new friends in school.

My opinion is that we end up having problems in our society, because people do not know how to communicate, in many cases. Something you might say or do, even if it is not your intention to hurt the other party, it may be misunderstood, ruining your relationship with the rest. So it is important to know the best way of befriending and communicating with someone, especially with an elderly, who is a person that was brought up by a different set of rules and in different times than the ones we live today. Also, there was an absorbing experience with role play scenarios, in which we depicted having several issues with several representatives of the elderly community. I considered this being one of the most useful part of the day camp, since it gave me a clearer view of what may happen and how we can manage and prevent such situations, in case they occur. Being young, one can have troubles communicating with an elderly as we might address the issue in the wrong manner, increasing the gap instead of making things better. So I am really thankful I had the chance to be present in such activities, as they will make me a more responsible citizen in my community.

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." ~ Benjamin Franklin

Written by:
Koh Celestia

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