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LDC'15 Part 2

This year’s Leadership Development camp is my first one and it really left an impact on me. The activities done has made me come out of my comfort zone and that has made me a better team-player. Usually, during camps, I would be the one that just silently agrees with everyone’s suggestions, not speaking up for myself even though I have different suggestions from the rest. I was scared of expressing my opinion for the fear of my group-mates judging me and I giving them wrong solutions.
However, I was kind of forced to speak up thanks to the seniors. This built up my confidence in speaking and slowly I was voicing out much more. I gave my opinions and suggestions when needed. Soon, I realized that people actually did not judge my opinion, rather, they took it into consideration and sometimes used it. It made me so proud of myself as I was not only able to express my opinion but also, contribute as well. One of the activities that impacted me the most was the night walk or also known as the confidence walk. That activity made me aware of my weaknesses and what I could do to improve them such as; asking questions when I am unsure about something and asking for help when I knew I could not handle the activity by myself. Throughout the confidence walk, everyone had a turn to lead and various values about leadership were incorporated into each activity. We learnt how to think as leaders and work together as one team instead of as individual members.

It took us a while to learn to work together as we were not familiar with each other but through the icebreaking games the senior EXCOs created for us, we got to know each other better.  Another bonding activity we did was rock-climbing and abseiling conducted by Adventure club (ADC) that tied together with a special mission by the senior EXCOs. The special mission was to climbing the rock wall and collect various words pasted all around the different walls to form a quote. Everyone had a lot of fun climbing the walls as for some it was their first time attempting rock-climbing. This activity taught a lot of us about perseverance as many of us had aching thighs from previous activities but we still tried our best to climb as high as we could, of course with the help of the ADC members acting as our belayers. The next activity was abseiling. It was at a high height and was really a challenge for those afraid of heights. Many were scared to climb and every one of us helped each other out by cheering and motivating one another. These two activities made us closer to each other as despite the different experiences we had with the activities, no one looked down on one another. Instead we constantly supported, cheered and motivated one another to come out of our comfort zone to achieve what we thought was not possible if not for this camp.

Lastly, the quote solving activity tested our communication skills as one group. We had a lot of difficulties solving the quote such as communication breakdown and interruptions. However, through the hints given by the seniors like Sya’s “Keep looking forward”, we were able to solve the quote after a long time. After solving it, we all felt a sense of accomplishment as without even one member, we would not have been able to solve it.

This camp was truly an eye-opener for me and everyone else as we had to face different situations and adapt as leaders. I definitely have no regrets going for the camp, it brought out the best in everyone. Thank you to the senior EXCOs!! 

Written by:
Anita Anthony

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