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Internal Event'15 - The Forgotten One

“They won’t stay still…” Scary!!
This spooky yet fun-filled Halloween-themed IE definitely made me feel closer to my fellow ambassadors because of the various activities that required teamwork!

We were first told to meet at E.308 where we would have our mini-dinner. Everyone looked super cute in their Halloween-themed outfits or even their normal attire!

When the event started, we were each given a slip of paper with a 2 parts – 1 part being a question and the other part being the answer to another question. The slip of paper was meant for us to find our group so that we would complete the remaining activities as a group.
Then, we watched this super cool clip on the plot of the IE. It was nicely done and the actors/actresses were spot on!

After that, we had Mistaken Identity as an icebreaker where a piece of paper with someone’s name was pasted on our backs and we had to ask ‘Yes/No’ questions to find out whose name was on our back.

When the ice breaker was over, we were given clues to our next activity so each group had to solve the clue to get to their destination.

Activity 1: Prisoner’s Dilemma Walkway
We were tasked to choose whether we wanted to go with the short route or the long route and we had to decide together without discussion. We then had go through this maze-like rope obstacle with handicaps (e.g mute or blind). I volunteered to go as the blind one and my group mates were super reassuring and gave me precise info on how to get through the obstacle!!

Activity 2: Mystery Labyrinth
For this activity, we had to find hairclips around the room while interlocking our arms with our group mates. It was really funny because we were panicky since one of the ambassadors was the ‘ghost’ and the ambience was scary too. The hairclips were quite difficult to find!!

Activity 3: Death Realm
We were given a list of items that we had to find in a dark room. We could only go in pairs and every alternate pair would have a torchlight. There was also a ‘ghost’ in the room and we had to be frozen if the ‘ghost’ (SRI HAHAHAHA) were to touch us. I was screaming and laughing a lot because I found the activity fun even though it was scary!

Activity 4: Peek-A-Boo
This has got to be one of the most intense activity for me because if you make the wrong decision, the group would have to restart the game.. For this activity, we were blindfolded and placed at different spots in the area. One of the members was not supposed to be blindfolded. The blindfolded ones would be tapped by someone and we could choose whether to open our blindfold or not. If we open our blindfold and it turns out that the member who wasn’t blindfolded tapped us, we win!! However, if it was game ICs who tapped us, we would have to restart. So intense!

 The final segment of The Forgotten One was for all groups to gather and solve a puzzle to find out who was the killer and his location. Once we found that out, we had to save Aster (the protagonist of the story) from the killer (the seemingly harmless Sufian)! Aster was eventually saved by us!

All in all, the IE was such an enjoyable one with an excellent storyline and vivid decorations. Awesome!!

Written by:
Anggun Nadimoh

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