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A Team Day'15

This is my first year attending A team’s 20th birthday.  I was definitely amazed by Sabrina's and Sya's buddy groups who organized this event.
It was not just only celebrations, where there were only performance and small interactions. They even thought of the idea of grouping us and created games, such as charades, musical chairs, find the differences and many more, to allow us to work as a team even though for some of us, this was our first time meeting each other.
It was an enjoyable night, where we got to bond together. At the same time we recognized the efforts of all the ambassadors and our aim of bringing ambassadorial team to greater heights and forward.
I feel blessed and more than happy to be able to be in A-team, and I'm looking forward for next year's A Team day where we become better in many different ways each year.

Written by:
Krusita Putri

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