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Annual Ambassadors' Conference 2015

Dear NYP Ambassadors,

We hope your exams went well, or is going smoothly so far!

As Ambassadorial Team is progressing to its next miles, we are announcing our very first Annual Ambassadors' Conference 2015. It is a whole new scale of experience where some of the most important agendas will be displayed.

This 1st Annual Ambassadors' Conference is compulsory for all ambassadors to attend. NYP A-Team would like to recognise every single ambassadors effort upon their contributions to NYP.

Installation voting will be displayed as one of the segments in this conference. As Ambassadorial team has grown in its name and size, we are proudly to share this exciting brand new conference.

Below are the details: 
Date: 02 September
Time: 9am-2.30pm
Venue: NYP (Exact Venue TBC)

This year's conference theme is "Community Leaders Inspiration" Hence, a small scale project will be given by your buddy group leaders to generate ideas and share it in the conference.

Pls do note to dress appropriately and bring a clear (vertical) transparent card holder.

All the best for your exams and see you on 02 Sept!

Best Regards,
21st EXCO

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