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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Annual Family Day

Hello Ambassadors,

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be having their Annual Family Day. This year is MFA’s 50th year, MFA will be opening their family day for their staff’s families so that they can have a look at their dear one’s work place.

There will be 3 booths that the Ambassadorial Team will be handling. The 3 booths consist of Balloon Sculpting, Handicraft Cards and Button Badge. 

Criteria to sign up for the event are as follows: 

1)Must be energetic
2)Can play and get along with children.

Here are the details for the event:

Date: 1 AUGUST 2015
Time: 8am-1pm
Venue: Ministry Of Foreign Affairs
Attire: TBC
Number of Ambassadors Needed: 15-20

Sign up Here!

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