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Camp Ahoy Ahoy!

Day 1:
The first activity was the one where we had to come up with the group name, slogan and a way to protect our egg. that activity brought me closer to my group mates as I got to know them better. Teamwork was also displayed when we gave ideas on how to protect the egg using the materials given to us.

The next activity that I enjoyed was the talk given to us by the Emcee Club. I think the objective of that activity was to allow us to know more about how to be confident as an ambassador. Thus, various activities were prepared for us to learn about the different aspects such as body language, projection of voice and knowing how to show emotions in the words spoken. Theses activities taught me how to carry myself as a leader. 

The night walk was the most significant activity for me because it was so unexpected. At the start of the night walk, I was really confused about everything. Only at the end of the night walk did I understand the meaning behind it. It was to teach us how to take responsibility and how to guide and work together as a whole and to take initiative to lead and give suggestions. 

Day 2:
The whole day was filled with fun and laughter with my group mates as we went on 'The Amazing Race' to complete the missions. It was exciting as well for a few activities were located in Sentosa. To get to the next station, we had to communicate with 'The Admin' who would then give us the task, which we had to complete as fast as we could so as to move on to the other stations. The activities required team effort. 

The two days of camp was tiring yet fulfilling. My first camp in this CCA has been a great one! I am also glad that I got to know my friends better throughout these two days. I am definitely looking forward to more camps!

"We Ambassadors may not share the same hand prints but we definitely share the same memories" ~ Ambassadorial Team

Written by: 
Sarajane Kevin

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