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A-Team Orientation 2015

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." - Ana├»s Nin

They kicked things off by getting the newcomers together before those who might have already been members. This helped me out a lot, I got to meet new people, interact with them, even become friends with them. The first thing we did was play Pass The Parcel, which got us all tensed up (in a good way of course). So the music played and the game begun, the rules to this game was, whoever ends with the parcel when the music stops, has to be pulled out and sat aside in preparation for a dare/forfeit, there are certain numbers of people to do a dare/forfeit which is whatever the audience (us) wanted. So several people got pulled out and the look on their faces says it all, it was extremely funny to all of us of course! First dare was a dance and of course they did, it was all so much fun and laughter! 

The second activity that came after that was called, “Let’s Date!” Each person was given a drawing of an analogue clock. They will have to find 12 persons and “book” an appointment with them. The trick about this ice breaker is that, as time passes by, the number of persons that are free on a specific time gets lesser, therefore, it creates the opportunity for them to move around and find someone else with a common timeslot. And in my experience, when I was unable to find a common timeslot with some of my friends, I had to go up to someone else I didn’t know and “book” an appointment with them instead. I thought this game was brilliant because it was so fun.

The third activity was called, “Plastic Bag Toss”. Teams had to line up in a straight line and each took turns to toss a plastic bag and pick it up till they reach a checkpoint. After that, they have to run back to their group and pass on the plastic bag. The cycle continues till 11 persons have completed the round. The fastest team wins. I think the objective behind this was to teach the groups the meaning of being a good and fair player, being supportive of each other and working together to reach the end goal. In this case, to complete the race and sit down together. Hence, I shall throw in a quote by James Cash Penney, “The best teamwork comes from men who are working independently toward one goal in unison."

The fourth activity that came after that was called, “Shirts Transfer Game”. The objective of the game is to transfer a shirt from one person to another, without communicating, and without taking the shirt off on our own. The objective of this game is create initiative among the team members. This goes to show that some people are willing to help out their team members, although help was not asked. Also, there was time allowed for a group discussion, which allowed the teams to strategize together. In my case, we had people with similar heights to pass on the shirts to one another. This also made us bond even more because the activity was physically demanding. It was impossible to transfer the shirt quickly without holding holds with someone.

“The Puzzle” was an awesome game designed in such a way where everyone must scramble and work together to form the ultimate puzzle which consisted of several sections of several different pictures, and those could only be pieced together in a long line with a start and end point. I got to personally know the two people next to me a lot better, we even had the opportunity to engage ourselves in several conversations about ourselves which I very much enjoyed while the other members were piecing the puzzle together. I absolutely loved this game!

Last but not least, “Funny Selfies!” before we entered the lecture hall, we were told to write our names in a piece of paper, fold them and put them into a bag. Our seniors told us to pick a name one at a time from this specific bag with all the member’s names folded up, the name you pick is the person you’re going to have to take the funny selfie with. Once we were told to look for our “Selfie Partners” everyone scrambled and I eventually found my partner, took a crazy selfie with her, while the person who had my name took Crazy selfies with me, we had loads of fun!

All in all, I had a ton of fun participating in all the amazing activities our seniors put up for all of us, the intentions of these activities were definitely loud and clear; To strengthen our bond with one another not only for us to make new friends but to also strengthen and expand our relationships with each other to make us one big strong A-Team Family! Thank you for everything!

Written By:
Abdullah Lajam & Siti Nur Faisha 

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