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A-Team Orientation 2014: Ampires

“There is no storm greater than us when we stand together.”

Indeed, the importance of teamwork was reinforced during the A-Team Orientation: Ampires.

10 May 2014 was not any other ordinary Saturday. It was a day to warmly welcome the new intake of ambassadors and everyone was divided into groups.

To start off, icebreaker games such as “Blow Wind Blow” and “Squirrel and Trees” were played. Then, each group was given a code to crack. The answer to the code led each group to their long-awaited facilitator.

Together with their facilitator, each group had to overcome missions of varying difficulty. A certain mission required a member to be blindfolded (let’s name this blindfolded member X). So the team had to guess which destination X will land at, and then guide X along different routes by giving directions. (e.g. Move to your left, move 3 steps ahead) Patience and communication are crucial for this mission!


To repel the heat on a sunny Saturday, wet activities were conducted! Water bombs were flying everywhere at one point of time. To top it off, a water hose was located at a game station. Two groups had to versus each other with “Rock, Paper and Scissors” while a running water hose was sprayed at them. Almost everyone was drenched by the end of the game! It was worth it!

One of the newly joined ambassadors, San Ho, has offered her valuable opinion.

“The activities we played during the orientation allowed me to bond and interact with not only the Year One ambassadors, but also the seniors. My favourite activity was the water activity! Plastic bags filled with water(water bombs) were thrown at the opposite group. A-Team seems more of a family than just a CCA. The people here are friendly, cheerful and I find it easy to adapt to the environment here. I’m glad I joined A-Team.”   J

Last but not least, let us hear from another ambassador, Hwee Chi.

“I definitely forged stronger bonds with my group: Chitra, Sin Yee and Devan. I’m thankful for our facilitator, Sya. He is friendly, caring, encouraging and photogenic! Working in groups made me realize how important respect and cooperation are. Any conflict will only slow down the progress of the group. I am lucky to be in A-Team as there are many opportunities to learn from.” J

Done by: San Ho and Hwee Chi

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