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Paranoia 2013


Hey guys, do you remember that Saturday - Paranoia 2013, hosted by Nanyang Polytechnic’s own Ambassadorial Team and Emcee Club. It was one freaky night.

Preparation was a hustle.  We were all around NYP decorating the place to a horror themed. We used things like tissues, white cloth and other related props to decorate the place up. We even improvised our props into using garbage bags to cover up the lights on the ceilings to create cool lightings during the event.

On top of that, there were make-up services that were provided by several make-up artists.  On a whole, the make-up was very realistic and well done. Make-up such as white powder/paint was used excessively all over. Besides white powder, we also used red paint which signifies blood, splattered on our faces and hands. There was even fake scars that were pasted on scare actor’s faces. There was a variety of scare actors - clown, psychotic doctor, vampires, grim reaper and other abnormal beings.

We were given task at the Asylum area to act as if we have mental issue (to scare passerby), there is a psychotic doctor (Safarin), the stalker (Durrani), girl with depression (Nydia), Rebecca (Tina), the lecturer (Jing Rong) and the daze (Randy). At first we were roles as the psychotic doctor needs to welcome the participant and the stalker needs to stalk them by taking a video/picture so on and so forth.

Even though most of us were still new to one another, we managed to enjoy and overcome a lot of obstacle such working together to scare everyone else. We felt that the best character on that day was the stalker. It is because he managed deliver his role really well.

As for the participants do you still remember those scary and terrifying games that we had to play?
We were tasked to find all the body parts located in blood and putting our hand in mealworms to find coins.

We also had to walk through dark tunnels with the scare actors trying to scare us at every turn, find letters to make a word in a dark room and play hangman with the consequences of not being able to find the word in a few tries resultant in the noose. And at the end, we had to pass through a long obstacle course that was filled with the many scare actors once again trying to scare us.

The entire event spanned almost the entire school from Block A through P and levels 2 to 3. Blood was splattered all over the school windows and also formed a scene of a torn down carnival event.
I think I speak for all when I say that the event was a great success and could not have been executed any better. I hope that there will be more to come in the following years and would like to thank the Ambassadorial team and the Emcee club of Nanyang Polytechnic for doing such a great job in planning Paranoia 2013. Kudos to them!

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