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Not Your Ordinary Christmas

Not Your Ordinary Christmas 2013

Friday the 13th. What an auspicious date to have A-Team’s final event, “Not Your Ordinary Christmas” for Year 2013. As this date marks the end of the school term, students who faced a never-ending week full of all sorts of ICAs & projects came together as one to commemorate the Christmas event planned by Alwin’s buddy group. On top of that, A-Team members received an opportunity to finally relax & take their minds off their stressful schedules. The turn up for “Not Your Ordinary Christmas” was great as expected which included Alumni! Our fellow ambassadors had no idea of what are coming their way.

Upon arriving, A-Team ambassadors were secretly allocated groups without them knowing. The committee used a unique system where ambassadors were given props of a particular character relating to Christmas; Snowman, Reindeer, Gingerbread man, Elves & Santa Clause. After the ceremony kick-started, they were left wondering around the room identifying their teammates by finding similar props to their allocated characters. Well, there was lots of confusion which was relatively amusing especially towards the committee members. Soon, when everyone found their group members, they were then tasked to dress-up a member in each group according to their character. And the best part of this activity came afterwards, CATWALK!!!

Moving on after those unforgettable scenes during the catwalk session was an interesting activity called “Minutes to Win It” which requires team work & cooperation. Basically, teams were given 12 mini Christmas Tree Ornaments. Two of the members would be placed in a raffia-stringed circle. The both of them have to coordinate with one another to rotate in a same direction. At the same time, there would be another member of a team placing those ornaments on the raffia string. On the other side of the string, the final member has to collect those ornaments and place it near a Christmas tree located at the other end of the room. The atmosphere was fantastic & the support was great as every team wanted to finish the fastest.

What is Christmas without Piñata? It is simply a must-have activity. Each group will send a member representative to participate in the activity. They will be blind-folded and then led cautiously around the room. They are provided with a bamboo poll as a tool in trying to hit the piñata. Group members would be supporting and giving directions towards the target. Whilst doing so, other members would be spoiling the party by shouting random things to confuse the one that is blind folded.

Then came the next activity called, “snowball”. Two teams at a time step into the area which had two Snowmen cut-out hanging from a stand. There were three holes on the snowman cut-out. Each team at both sides will have to shoot as many “snowballs” into any one of the three. Everyone had so much fun trying to shoot through the holes to get as many points for their teams. Afterward, we headed to the reception area for dinner. The food was spread in a buffet style - finger food, Turkey, Shepherd’s pie, Lodge cake and Cupcakes were contributed by different buddy groups. Everyone enjoyed the food with great joy.

The most exciting part of the event was when the Santa Claus came to give presents. That’s right; the theme for the gifts exchange was Secret Santa. Initially upon registration, participants have handed their mystery gifts to the registration counter and their gifts were labelled with a number. When the game commenced, each participant picked a folded paper which had a number written on it. The Santa, Elson then came. We then got our secret gifts accordingly.

The last segment was prize presentation. There were three prize categories. First, for the best dressed team was Team Santa. Second, the best dressed male and female was won by snowman and reindeer respectively. Third, for the top three teams, it was judge based on how much each team scored for the games and how enthusiastic they were throughout the event. The first prize went to Team Santa.

The celebration finished off with heaps of photo-taking and of course clearing up. We have to thank the organizing committee, participants and alumni in making this event a success! It was indeed a very fun and memorable event to end off the year!

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