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Farewell Video for Installation

Hey Ambassadors!

It's less than 3 months away from Installation 2014! I'm sure you're all excited! As most of you know, every year, we will be showcasing a Farewell video during Installation. The video will be dedicated to the everyone in A-Team, be it from the juniors to seniors or vice versa.

This year, there will be a slight change. You can film your own video if you wish and send it to us at

Please send in your videos by 10th February 2014.

However, there are a few restrictions, as stated below:

   - There shouldn't be any vulgarities in the video.
   - Please do not wear any clothing that portrays inappropriate images/words.

If there should be any doubts, do contact Hasmarliah at 8383 1097 or Shehnaz at 9165 4468. We look forward to receiving your videos!

Thank you!

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