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The Last Of Us (Internal Event 3)


The heartwarming and fulfilling internal event, packed with entertaining and creative games, The Last of Us, has come to an end. However, it doesn’t stop here. Is this the end of internal event 3? Nope, the photos taken serve as a reminder or rather to reminisce the happy moments we had while playing the games, this also extends to the committee members who made all these possible and worthwhile. The event has allowed everyone who is involved to enjoy and had fun while playing the game, but the primary purpose of all these boils down to teamwork. Think back about it, all stations revolve around the word “Teamwork”, every game requires the member to put in utmost effort and also to work together with one another to clear and complete every part of the adventure quest. Let’s now think back on how we enjoyed our day together on Pulau Ubin. 

So this event was planned by Aaron’s buddy group and it kicked off at city hall, where the participants thought they had an amazing race at city hall. But what they did not know was that they had to make their way to Pulau Ubin! So they were split into 4 teams, a team consisting of around 6 people.

They were then given after a bumpy boat ride we them made our way to our respective places and those who needed to split also split to their respective directions and stations. At about 11 AM we got the call that the participants were on the boat to Pulau Ubin. 

At the very first stop, we hopped happily into the hut which is one of the stations where games are carried out. Let’s call it “The Tall Apple”. So how this game works? Here goes, there are several apples tied using a string such that the apple is above our head level, and we are supposed to eat the apple without using our hands or any part of the body. Despite having tips by seniors such as biting the apple from the bottom, I find it ridiculously impossible to do so but was able to bite a tiny bit at the side while using my teammates back as a support. * Shhh Keep it a secret from the committee members.

Then came Unity ball. This was also a fun game as we had to pass around the ball in a circle using only our hands and a person could only touch the ball once. And the next round using only one hand and the next with one fist and it got more difficult as one would think. Not to lie, we did take a few tries and failing only made it better as we got the picture clearer and we did it! 

Then we had a game called 1-15. This was the most fun game and what I did not expect was we had to remember our secondary school maths! What we had to do was solve maths questions and equations and if it was the right answer we had to hit the corresponding bottle. It was difficult but fun and ofcourse together as a team we finished the game swiftly (if 45 mins is counted as swift).

Tangled! I played this game in orientation before but the only difference was that the group with 6 people out of which, 2 had to be blinded with tape, 2 had to be deaf with earpiece in their ears and remaining 2 had to tape their mouths. So communication was tough but we strategized and took time and though it really took a long while we finished this! 

Next up is the so called very “fun” game. We gathered in circle and were instructed to pass a rock from one person’s foot to another for 3 rounds! My group was the YOLO team and picked up a small rock casually. (My group was cool in that sense) We had a few rounds of trial to strategize but were in vain before the main actual game starts. Oh fyi, we had limited tries! The first 2 tries of passing the rock to one another failed and I began to think that this game is to make a fool out of us. We didn’t managed to clear this stage and had to proceed on to the next station before coming back to try again. Eventually, we managed to get through this stage with the help of our facils and also a bit of leeway by Henry.

Before the last station we had zimbo (a pun on limbo). This station was to me the most exciting. We all had to limbo our way through 3 different height levels according to our height. Suddenly it seems like everyone had back problems but nope…no excuses the game master said he would raise the bar but must complete 3 levels. Yeah that was soon under our belt as well as we then made our way to the last station.

One man down was the most unexpected game! No one told us the game or its name, it was introduced as ’pick the most trustworthy member of the group’. We did. But we did not know that we must carry the person in a canvas all the way to the end point! But nevertheless we did and together with the help and guidance of the facilitators and the game masters we finished successfully.
So that was it. A bumpy boat, few tiring kilometers and killer games made the whole day tiring. But our morale was still high and it was the time to thank the committee and the participants for making the event a huge success.

Written By:

Subbiah Saravanan & Jacky Teo

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