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Leadership Camp Day 2

Leadership Camp Day 2

Imagine being sunburned from top to toe. That’s what we got after the Leadership Camp Day 2. Every time we look at our sunburned skin, memories of the worthwhile, fruitful and fun day at Sentosa flashed through our mind. Let us guide you to our journey on that day!

The day started off by searching for a pirate statue, as a hint to our next activity location. It’s not any pirate statue that we have to search, it has to be one specific pirate statue. This is how it goes: We were given cut out picture of that pirate statue and we need to put the pieces together to know which exact pirate statue we have to search for. 

We put the pieces together in a matter of minutes but, not when the searching begins. We took an hour and 30 minutes to successfully find the pirate statue! No, it’s not what you are thinking. We knew our way, it’s just that we gave ourselves too much time when were asked “how long do you think you need to complete this task?”

Our second activity was located near the pirate statue that we had found. It was located literally in the middle of the beach, under the hot scorching sun. From that moment, we all knew we are going to get sunburned for that day. *laughs*. 

This activity requires us to form a paragraph with words hidden in an area of sand. Only one pair is allowed to run at a time to the area from the starting line, search for a letter, and run back to the starting line within 50 seconds. If failed to reach the starting line within 50 seconds, the pair has to restart. We all ran back and forth countless times and kept asking for additional time. We had to “perform” in exchange for additional time. We danced, we sang and we had lots of fun and laughter. In total, we took 3 hours to successfully form the paragraph. Phew.

We were given another picture that will be our next activity location. Balloons were given to us to blow while we were on our way to the location. Curiosity hit us all. “What are these balloons for?” “Why do we have to blow these balloons?” “What’s in it for us for the third activity?”

Our third activity is located at a stretch of the water pool. Instructions of the activity were given to us to put a balloon in between the backs of a pair and walk one round around the location. Meanwhile, we were told to observe our surroundings. Once every pair had their turn, 3 questions were asked:
  • How many trees are there?
  • How many mini lamp posts are there?
  • How many colourful drains are there?
We took exactly an hour, which is the time that we all agreed on, to complete this activity. 

         A balloon was placed between the backs of a pair while they walk and observe their surroundings.

The day ended off on a high note. Our very last activity for the day is to take 10 shots of 10 different poses of all of us inside the area of the floor fountain. We had many creative ideas. We thought of the “avatar” pose, the “gwiyomi” pose, the “running all around” pose, and others; even the “make the EXCO wet” pose! All of us were drenched. That’s the best part of the day, after all, we have been under the hot sun the whole day.  

                                                                               “Avatar” pose   

                                                                         “Gwiyomi” pose

In all, although we had sunburns and all of our energy was drained, the overall experience that day was great! Every moment that day has a learning point. From being on time to completing the tasks efficiently and effectively. Every activity has learning points too. It was a really fruitful day and indeed, we are all leaders! Big thank you to all the committees for their effort and cheers to all the participants for completing Leadership Camp 2013! 

Leadership Camp 2013 Committee and Participants. (Not all are in the picture)

To end of, here is the paragraph that we formed during our second activity - a quote to remember:
Leadership is not magnetic personality that can just as well be a glib tongue. It is not “making friends and influencing people,” that is flattery. Leadership is lifting a person's vision to higher sights, the raising of a person's performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations. –Peter Drucker

Written by:

Mutiarah binti Usman & Krystal Teng

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