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Hunger Games (Internal Event 1)

Remember that scorching hot Saturday where “The Hunger Games” took place? Let us take a trip down memory lane to relieve the times that we had on that day.

This event was planned by Huixian’s and Sean’s buddy group and it kicked off with ice-breaker games such as “Bang Bang Chucky” and “Concentration Game”, which we are all pretty familiar with. It helped the team members to get to know one another better, making it less awkward for them in their individual groups.

They were then split into 3 teams, each team consisting of 4 or 5 members. They were given $10, and were told to go and buy any breakfast of their choice. After buying the breakfast of their choice, they headed to the second station at Junction 8.

In that stop, the teams played various games relating to spaghetti, such as the Spaghetti Walker, where the teams had to hold the ends of the spaghetti with their mouth and transport it to a plate, which was placed 30 metres away, without breaking the uncooked strand of spaghetti. After that, each team had to choose their mystery spaghetti flavour and they had finish off the spaghetti before moving on to the next station.

Some of the spaghetti flavours included different mixes of sugar, salt, pepper, tomato sauce and soya sauce. Despite the weird flavours, the contestants still persevered to finish the spaghetti, before moving on to the next station.

After that, they headed to the supply station at Serangoon Nex Mall, where the teams had their lunch that was provided. The teams firstly had to go to the library to find a book which was related to the answer of a riddle that was given, borrow the book and then return the book after getting it checked by the game station facilitator.

Once they got it right, the teams then headed down to spend the remaining money on a waffle, drink of their choice, and any other food they wanted. After that, the teams had to juggle hard boiled eggs, and prepared their own lunch.

(Of course, the eggs were washed before eating). Each group was group was given a pack of bread and a 1.5 bottle of water, which was their food supply for the rest of the journey.

After lunch, the teams headed to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for the final event of the day! Upon reaching to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, an Amazing Race awaits the teams! The teams set off to find the clues given in the booklet. Various missions given to them were missions like trying to take pictures with a swan, a terrapin and various peculiar plants and objects that were hidden in the nooks and crannies of botanic gardens.

Despite the long journey under the hot scorching sun, the teams still perservered and were able to complete the missions successfully, even though there was surprise objects and missions in their way. The winners of “The Hunger Games” event were the group which consisted of Eyrica, Pinchyi, Clarice, Elson and Weijie.

We hope you had fun and we are proud of everyone for completing “The Hunger Games” despite the hot weather and the never ending list of things you had to find during it.

Written By: Aneesha, Firdaus and Esther.

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