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Gajog Bonanza (Internal Event 2)

Hello Ambassadors! Still remember the fun you had in Gajog Bonanza? Well, it wouldn’t be possible without it being hosted by Travis and Seri’s Buddy Group! Thanks to the dedication of everyone, this event ended up being not only successful, but also a memorable one. I’m sure many have created meaningful friendships and experiences too.

The event was kick-started by doing a fun Mass Ice Breaking.We started off by playing a familiar game—The Island Game. Instead of standing up, participants had to lie on the floor instead. It made the gametrickier but also more exciting. It was entertaining to see people scrambling for their lives to find a safe ‘island’ to move to.

The next Ice Breaking game we played was: Darling do you love me? We added a twist to it—the chosen person could only make the opposite sex laugh! We even added in a 20 second time limit to make the game more thrilling.

After ice breaking games, we gave every participant an envelope which contains a family character. We then proceeded to ask them to search for their own family members. In less than 2 minutes, all the participants got together in their own respective families. Upon gathering with their family members, the excitement and enthusiasm was immediately seen in each and every participant’s face.

Following that, we made the participants dress up according to their own character according to the props that we provided them with. This is to develop their sense of belonging to their own respective families.

There were a series of challenges awaiting each family at every station games whereby they had to overcome the hurdles as a family and gain points through Besides that, each family is also given materials such as cardboard, tape and strings to construct their own transportation in order for them to reach all the game stations. There were also agents around to obstruct them, delaying their time and at the same time, testing their attentiveness.

After the dressing up session, everyone was starving. When the food packets were prepared and everyone was sitting down, Pin Chyi and Krystal led the Hungry Cheer amazingly well. Once we finished, we all dug in. Seeing the participants sitting with their own respective families, simply bonding over the meals, made the experience truly worthwhile.

After lunch, we proceeded to play the game stations.

Classic game - ‘5 stones’

At this station, the Family members have to hold hands and catch the balloons together. Hence, it really built up on their teamwork and communication. It feels great to see all the family members work together to achieve a goal, and thus it brings them closer.


This was a fun and interactive game that tested their flexibility ability and cooperation of one and another. It also tested their ability to listen to instructions and find out what’s the best place to manoeuvre your body. It was overall tricky but enjoyable! It was entertaining to watch the members struggle to move their bodies.

Do Not Laugh

One of the stations we had was Do Not Laugh. In this station, the game ICs would do several funny activities with the participants and they weren’t allowed to laugh or smile. Anyone who laughed or smiled would have their points added.

“Overall this was a very fun but challenging station, as people who laugh a lot found it hard to be serious. I could see that everyone had a really good time, and it was a new experience for them. They also fostered teamwork. As a game IC, I also had fun doing silly things to make them laugh, and overall we all had a good time.” –Chrisdale

Silent Library

Silent Library a classic television games show. Family members have got to pick one poker card and flip it over. The unlucky family member that takes the ‘Ace’ card has to receive their ‘special treatment’. They are challenged not to make any noise. This is to test their endurance.

Red Indian

“The aim of Red Indian is to foster team bonding, leadership and team work amongst member within groups. The rules of Red Indian is identical to charades, but with a slight twist to it as it was divided into two segments, communication and brains.

Overall, the teams did really well, we have seen that the participants have bonded, which is the aim of this internal event.” Leon & Lynn

“So far, this is the most colourful and fascinating occasion I’d seen. Although it takes lots of hard work and planning to fulfil, it is worth after seeing the results. Everyone definitely had fun and we achieved what we wanted: The Bond. “ Perry(OIC)

“As an OIC, I felt it was a new experience for me as I’m involved in many aspects of the event. This allows me to be interactive, and furthermore, it builds my teamwork too. Overall, I learnt that it takes more than a committee to start an event. It’s the enthusiasm that drives the committee to make this event possible.”- Cheryl(OIC)

Congrats to the winning team!! The Simpson Family!

“Being the Simpsons Family IC, not only did we get to lead and also join in the fun. Seeing the laughter on their faces, brighten up our day, as well as leaving us with a sense of achievement.” – Krystal and Pin Chyi

We make a family together & together as a family we have it all.

Written By: Pin Chyi & Chrisdale

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