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A-Team Day 2013

A-Team Day is an event held annually. It brings together all ambassadors to celebrate A-Team’s 
birthday. This Year, the theme for the celebration is Masquerade Party. 

Since we arrived early, we went down to the Theatre For the Arts (TFA) to help with the decorations.
Time flew fast and before we knew it, it was already time to register. At the registration booth, we received a door gift which consists of Chocolates and Sweets. While waiting for the others to arrive, both group and individual shots, with our masks on, were taken.

When the clock strikes 6.30pm, we were ushered into the TFA. After taking our seats, we were greeted by the entertaining music and emcees, Michah and Saravanan. After their welcoming speech, they passed the mic on to Jason, who came up on stage to start the first game of the event known as The Picasso. There are a total of 3 rounds. For each round, the 4 participants who volunteered will have to draw out an idiom on the whiteboard within a time limit. The difficulty level will increase with each round. Seeing the outcome of their drawings was really amusing and hilarious as it was difficult to guess the idiom when each drawing is so different from the next.

Moving on, the next game called ‘Mystery Person’ requires us to guess the person behind the mask. Remember the individual photos we that took after registration? Those photos were projected on the screen. When each photo appeared, everyone was shouting out the name of the mystery person. Through this game, we realised how well we actually knew that person.

We were then grouped up for the next game which was to design a mask. The only requirement was that the design of the mask has to be related to A-team. Each group were given a mask, water colour, glitter glue and a cup of water as materials. With our group members, we moved to different locations of TFA and started to brainstorm on our design. Since this event was held during the fasting month, the Muslims break their fast in the midst of the game. Each of them, being a great team member, they continued to help their team mates with the mask even while eating. 

After everyone had their dinner, each group went back into the TFA when they have finished with their innovative mask. Not long after, two representative of each group are invited on stage. One of them has to elaborate on their design, while the other has to model with the mask on. After discussion, two masks with the best design and meaningful were selected as winners. The groups were then invited up on stage to receive the prizes and a group photo was taken with our dear president, Aaron Seah.

Next, another prize was given out to the best dressed ambassadors that evening. For female, we have Ong Pin Chyi and for the male, we have Noor Safarin Bin Saharin. Once again, congratulations!

It is a yearly tradition to recite A Team’s pledge during A Team day. This year, with no exception, as members of the Ambassadorial Team, we took a pledge which was led by our president.

After which, all of us were invited on stage to proceed with the rest of the celebration for A-Team’s birthday. To end the day, we sang a birthday song and blew out the candles. 

“I really enjoyed the evening spent with my friends playing games, taking pictures and more. Even though all games were great, but the most memorable one was when group representatives were explaining about their own mask. As most people have different ways of expressing their thoughts and I get to know what they think of the A-Team.” – Hoo Jin Jie

“It was indeed a memorable night due to the amount of fun that we had together as A-Team. My favourite part was when we had to guess the “mystery” person who was shown on the screen. Everyone was screaming out the names as it was so easy to recognise each other after all the bonding sessions that we had. It shows how much we’ve gotten to know each other and I’m really glad that I’m part of this family.” – Hasmarliah Binte Hassan

Special thanks to Khadijah’s Buddy group and many others that helped to make this event possible. Not forgetting the alumnis who took the time off their busy schedules to come down and celebrate the day with us. Also, a huge thank you for the speaker set which was given to A-Team. It was a really thoughtful gift.

We hope that everyone had as much fun during the celebration as we did. Looking forward to the 
next buddy group event! 

Written by:

Hasmarliah Binte Hassan

Hoo Jin Jie

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