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Internal Event 3 - The Last Of Us

-          Scene 1   -
It’s nearing the end of the holidays, Haikal is on the phone with Randal, chatting about how are their holidays  are coming along.
Haikal: Oh no! The holidays are coming to an end! I have yet to have enough fun! L

Randal: I know right! Time flies, and I wished we had more outings to enjoy my time with my fellow ambassadors!

(Haikal and Randal both decides to check the Ambassadorial Team's blog for updates, and the very recent post caught their attention.)

Haikal: Hey, did you see the recent post on the blog? It’s the announcement for Internal Event 3, The Last Of Us!

Randal: Internal Event 3, the final Internal Event of the year! It says here,
“ The Last Of Us,
12th October 2013,
8.30am, City Hall MRT,
Proudly brought to you by Aaron’s Buddy Group,
We’ll be expecting you.”
Ooohh, sounds like a survival quest, interesting.

Haikal: Yes! It sounds fun too! Should we join? Since it’s the last Saturday of the holidays, we can make good use of the remaining free time to bond with all Ambassadors and create beautiful memories together.

Randal: We should! There’s a link to a sign up form for the event here, let’s sign up for it and enjoy the event!

Haikal: YOSH!

(Haikal and Randal signs up for The Last Of Us, and looks forward to the event.)

-          End Of Scene 1   -

Survival Of The Fittest. Are you the fittest among the fittest? Come and prove it in The Last Of Us.
Holidays are coming to an end, what’s a better way than to join us for Internal Event 3, The Last Of Us, in order to bond with fellow ambassadors and enjoy the last of your holidays? 
This final internal event for the year will be held on 12th October 2013(Saturday), 8.30AM @ City Hall MRT, mark that down in your calendar and come join us for a day of adventure! 
 You don’t wanna miss the last chance to enjoy your holidays with your fellow Ambassadors!

The Last Of Us
12th October 2013,
8.30am, City Hall MRT,
Proudly brought to you by Aaron’s Buddy Group,
We’ll be expecting you.

*Please do sign up in the link provided below by 5th October 2013, 2359hrs. In additional, please print out the indemnity form and get it sign before bringing it along to register on 12th October.

Sign-Up : Click here!
Indemnity Form : Click here!
Packing List : Click here!

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