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6th General Meeting

Hi Ambassadors

For this upcoming General Meeting on 14th August, it is COMPULSORY for ALL ambassadors to turn up. There will NO LONGER be online balloting. Hence, it is expected for all ambassadors to attend the upcoming general meeting.

The 6th General Meeting is also known as the Balloting General Meeting. As the name states Balloting, this upcoming general meeting is where each and every ambassadors gets to ballot on what position they would prefer to take on for installation 2014.

The positions are:-

- Core Committee Overall In-Charge
- Core Committee Assistant Overall In-Charge

- Ceremonial Procedure In-Charge
- Ceremonial Procedure Assistant In-Charge
- Ceremonial Procedure Committee Member

- Performance & Videos In-Charge
- Performance & Videos Assistant In-Charge
- Performance & Videos Committee Member

- Publications & Creative In-Charge
- Publications & Creative Assistant In-Charge
- Publications & Creative Committee Member

- Reception & Logistics In-Charge
- Reception & Logistics Assistant In-Charge
- Reception & Logistics Committee Member

- Registration and cor In-Charge
- Registration and Décor Assistant In-Charge
- Registration and Décor Committee Member

** You are required to attend even if you are not interested in getting a position **

The details for the upcoming General Meeting are as follow:

Date: 14th August 2013
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Venue: LTD-3


19th EXCO

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