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Orientation UNO

ATEAM Orientation UNO had allowed me to get to know more friends and it also emphasizes on an important word throughout the whole orientation, which is teamwork. Throughout the whole orientation, I learn how to work with people with different personalities and not only that, we enjoy the games the EXCOs and KAHs planned for us.

From mini bonding games such as The Shoe Game within the groups to the whole of A-Team members, Word Wars, Pictionary, Jacob’s Ladder and remembering names of one another,  all the way to the Amazing Race, everything is filled with fun and laughter but not forgetting the teamwork of the group members.

One of my favourite games was the Amazing Race. It’s a game where we had to run around the school, finishing off challenging stations all over school and at the same time, we had to figure out and find hidden KAHs around during the Amazing Race itself to earn bonus points. The stations such as Snap Hunt, Guess The Gender and Step The Stones, during the Amazing Race were really fun and interesting. Most of them tested our teamwork with each other. The station that was one of my favourites was probably the one that all the group members were on one bench and we had to rearrange ourselves according to the topics given by the station master, Balancing the Boat. That patience showed us that we had to trust our group members in order to succeed the game without any of us falling down.

Even though my group came in 4th place in the amazing race, but it’s not the winning that matters, it’s all the fun, laughter and crazy times we had together throughout the whole day and it’s something we would never forgot.

It was such a pity that this orientation was only for one day as it was so fun and exciting. I made so many friends and met so many awesome people, which made going to the first GM less awkward. This orientation would be one of the memories that I’ll never forget.

Written By:

Felicia Lim

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