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Generation NYP Semi-Finals

GeneratioNYP semi-finals is coming up soon! Along with it, we are organising a concert and charity bazaar at the NYP atrium to raise funds for aLife - The Caterpillar Club. Which is why we need the support of YOU!

Your jobscope will include

- Manning of charity booths
- Sales of various retail items

Benefits for signing up

CCA points for (at least) 3 shifts
- $5 Philosophy voucher

Available shifts are 
Monday(22nd July) 9am - 2pm
- Monday(22nd July) 1pm - 6pm

- Tuesday(23rd July) 9am - 2pm
- Tuesday(23rd July) 1pm - 6pm

- Wednesday(24th July) 9am - 2pm
- Wednesday(24th July) 1pm - 6pm

- Thursday(25th July) 9am - 2pm
- Thursday(25th July) 1pm - 6pm

- Friday(26th July) 9am - 2pm
- Friday(26th July) 1pm - 6pm

Sign up HERE if you are interested!

Excuse letters will be provided. We would really appreciate if you can join us to support the bazaar and raise funds for charity!

Thank you!

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