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Hey Ambassadors! Still remember how Camp Extraordinaire went? Well, let us take a trip down memory lane. The A team organized a 3D2N camp for probationary Ambassadors from June 7-9, 2013. The theme was “LEADERS”. The objectives of the camp were to bond the whole A team family; from the probation Ambassadors all the way up to the Senior Ambassadors, as well as to exercise our leadership and communication skills while working as a team. A total of about 30 probationary Ambassadors attended the camp which was a good turn up. 

“Before the camp, I thought it would be free and easy, where we would play games and just have fun while getting to know each other.” – Sya 

“I went to camp hoping I’d be able to bond with everyone and make new friends. I was looking forward to the night walk like most camps, as well as the activities lined up for us.” - Michah 

Everyone was excited! After registration, we played a few ice breakers and smiles were evident from the very start. There were a total of 7 groups with about 5 people each; consisting of probationary and junior ambassadors. Each team had facilitators in charge of each group and they were very approachable and they led us well throughout our 3 days camp. We also made our own flags. We were tasked to be responsible and take good care of our own flags AT ALL TIMES. We also presented our group cheers and flags in front of everyone, including what we wanted to achieve from the camp and during our entire journey in the A team. The major highlight of the day though, was a real life CLUEDO game. Overall, it was a really interesting activity where everyone in the group played a part. We shared our thoughts with each other and concluded on who the murderer was from the information we have gathered from the suspects, acted out by our dear EXCOs. Though everyone had different thoughts and opinions, everyone agreed in the end. We learnt that we should not conclude without sufficient information under any circumstance and that everyone’s opinions must be respected and heard. After debrief, we were sent off to wash up and get ready for bed, supper was provided and lights out was at 12midnight. The day ended with everyone anticipating an awesome Day 2.

Day 2. 

Guess what? It’s Morning Workout time! Without fail every camp has PT in the morning which is honestly a good way to really wake everyone up! We did some stretching and workout that was led by, Shaiful, the games coordinator for the entire camp. Not only that, we were told to run 3 rounds along the stadium's perimeter AS A GROUP – because teamwork rocks and no man should be left behind.

After that, we freshened up and had breakfast, then, we played a game called 'capture the flag'. The game is challenging yet fun. It tested our ability to work as a group which is to improve in our communication skills and even to be able to come up with strategies. Not only that, someone in the group has to take the initiative to lead the group in the game.

"It’s not about who's winning, however, it's about having fun and supporting each other that matters in friendship here." wise words from Sya. 

After lunch, we had a really unique yet cool activity, the Watermelon Challenge. We were given a task as groups to open up a watermelon just by using 5 'satay' sticks without breaking the shell into pieces and finish its contents. We then created our own superhero using the shell.  At first, we thought that it is ridiculous/ impossible to open using sticks and we found out that it is possible when put your mind to it.

There are 5 sticks, logically, 1 stick is not able to open the watermelon, hence when we combined all the sticks, it was enough to break the watermelon open. This application is exactly the same with what a team has to be. By working together and having trust in a group, we are able to achieve what we want as one. 

'Nothing is impossible, I’ll do what it takes to get the job done!' quoted by Michah, such an inspiring words that will gear up everyone's motivation to succeed. 

In addition to the fun we had, water games was the best of all. Along the way, there were obstacles, but everyone managed to complete it with smiles reaching ear to ear.

As feedback from Michah, she felt that the water game was a 'pre-night-walk-trick' where everyone got too comfortable with each other and was carefree, without knowing what was going to happen later that evening. After washing up, we had dinner where we had to cook our very own spaghetti as a group. The things to learn here is being responsible upon the mess that we have made and time management as we were told to clear up everything by 8.30pm. 

Then, here comes the highlight of the day; the NIGHT WALK. 
As everyone gathered in the activity room, the tense atmosphere began to heighten as the seniors came in and out of the room with straight faces; not a single smile was visible. Before we were sent out for the walk, we were each given a grain of rice which was to be kept with us till the end of night walk. There was a hidden objective upon doing so, which was, no matter how insignificant the grain of rice may be, it’s still important. . We were told not to show any forms of communication and crossing our arms was forbidden. We were also blind folded at certain points of time.  Each station has its own restriction and task. Every station was a challenging for all of us but we took the challenge with confidence and a positive mind set. Each station was led by a different pair/group of our very own probation or junior ambassadors that was chosen at random by the president and vice.  There were a total of 6 stations we had to go to across the school. Each station’s task was unique and challenging but there was also a lesson to be learnt in each of them, and everything as a whole. Generally, aside from the strict instructions and the fact that we had to stay awake till the wee hours of the morning, it was a very fulfilling night walk that disciplined and trained us to be better leaders and followers. At about 3am, we were sent off to wash up and sleep.  The hilarious part was most of us snored with different tones while sleeping; just like an orchestra,” described Sya (or maybe it was just the guys?)

Finally, Day 3.

We started Day 3 with breakfast and after which, we were sent out for an Amazing Race across Singapore. We were told to use our innovative and creative minds to work out on a simple yet impactful storyline; hence the pictures that we took have to be relevant to our story line. Before going out, we were given a back pack full of things that were needed during the race such as food, plastic, rubber bands, newspapers, etc. Lastly each team was given an egg simply to protect it till the race ended. It was the same concept as the rice during the night walk.

We were so excited and couldn’t wait to venture the city. Due to time constraint we were asked to go back to school by 5pm. Hence, most of the groups were able to complete 3 out of 5 stations. Unexpectedly, we were blind folded once we reached school. Everyone was curious and started thinking that this was a continuation of the night walk. We were guided by the leaders to the dome area. We were poured cold water, tickled by the leaders using twigs and unknowingly, we were pushed down an awesome improvised slide full of soap immediately after our blindfolds were removed. It was pretty amazing. We felt as if we were the prisoners from the Japanese occupation era. (Cause of being blind folded)
After washing up, everyone started packing up and got ready to leave.  Everyone’s faces were so happy even though we were tired. We wrote appreciation notes to our fellow ATeam mates along with an unexpected prize presentation.

Congratulations to AstroBoy who achieved the most points throughout the camp games and activities, and also to our best male and female campers: Sya and Michah. But of course, we personally feel that everyone who survived the camp and still had a smile across their face, are winners too!
That concluded our 3-Day Extraordinaire Camp. An extraordinary experience it was.

Overall thoughts and feelings:

Sya: The camp was Awesome. It was challenging yet fun as it trained us to be ‘awake’ at all time, especially while working under pressure. This camp has thought me that not only leadership that matters but also getting to know your mate before hands will decide if you are a great leader.

Basically I can say this “leaders have united as one.”

Michah: I enjoyed the camp more than I thought I would! It is a great way for us to know each other more and I am looking forward to upcoming leadership opportunities and activities along the way.

On top of that, always remember that; “everything happened for a reason” this is why we, leaders, are meant to be together in A TEAM.

     We would like to thank the facilitators, camp chief, president, vice president, EXCOs, KAHS, senior ambassadors, and junior ambassadors, and not forgetting everyone who came for the camp and made it a successful one. 

Written By:
Muhammad Syafaat
Michah Velonza

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