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Paint War Fiesta

Hey Ambassador, Are you ready to dominate?
Ambassadorial Team’s internal buddy group event,
Paint War Fiesta is here!

The Ambassadorial Team’s second internal event was proudly organized by Jerald’s Buddy Group.  It was held at Nanyang Polytechnic on the 10thof November 2012. The event was fantastically successful thanks to the supports from the members of the Ambassadorial Team. The event was based on a U.S. television program game show ‘Minute to Win It’ (advenTOUR) and very own invention of Paint Battlefield. Through this event, its aim is to engage members through the various exciting activities and enable members to mingle with one other from the different buddy groups.

The participants of the event started gathering outside Ang Mo Kio MRT station at approximately at 11am, in groups of 4. Upon the arrival of all five groups, they were given an envelope which contains a five dollar note. Their task was to purchase items that will symbolize their group identity throughout the event. Groups were given 40 minutes to complete the task and to also to head back to school.

Upon arrival at the Atrium, each group was given their first clue to their first station for the advenTOUR games. They have to complete a total of 8 stations. They are namely; Bouncing balls, Shooter, 10 cups, Caterpillar walk, Foody, Coloured balls, Arm and Leg and Pyramid. All stations had to be completed within the given time frame. Members had to anxiously complete the game as fast as they can as the points awarded are solely be based on the number of attempts made for each station.

After all 8 stations had been completed; they then to proceed to the North canteen for the final finale of the day, The Paint Battlefield! In this game, there are a total of 2 qualifying rounds; A quarter, Semi-final and Final. So how is the Paint Battlefield exactly being played? Basically, each member of the two teams will be given a bottle. These bottles are used as a weapon to shoot their opponents. Throughout the game, each player only has 3 lives. The ultimate aim of this game is to spray the opponent team’s flag with the given tag color. However, if one of the opponent team manages to spray onto the other team, one live will be deducted. Whichever team which manages to spray the opponent’s flag the most will then proceed on to the next round. The game continues until the last two teams are being emerged. After a tough battle, the winner goes to the team “Lepak people”.

After the Paint Battlefield, everyone gathered back at the North canteen for a short prize presentation. The best dressed title was awarded to Dinie Afiq!

          Groups that won during the match of the Paint Battlefield were:
                                          1st - “Lepak people”
                                          2nd - “C.L.A.S”
                                         3rd - “X-travagant”

Big congratulations to the winning team! However, at the end of the day, it’s not so much about winning but the fun times that everyone had together throughout the entire event.

 The event ended by having a mini reception. All participants were fully drenched and having their shirts stained with paints. It was definitely worth getting wet because at the end of the day, everyone shared the laughter and joy together which could not be bought with money.

Written by:
 Revathi and Fazlindah

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