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Running Team 2012

Are you ready to feel the thrill of running about, finding your target and being chased around till your heart pounding non-stop?? Then here we go! It’s our very own Ambassadorial Team event: RUNNING TEAM!!

Ambassadorial team’s First internal event was organized by Xinhui’s buddy group. Held on the 22nd September 2012 in Nanyang Polytechnic, running man was a great success supported by members of the Ambassadorial Team. The event was based on the popular Korean TV series called ‘Running Man’. It was made to allow A-team members to have lots of fun and excitement together as one.

As the participants arrive in the morning, we started off with a small game of double wacko.  After which, the real fun began. Participants were split into two groups. One of the groups is to hunt and the other is to hide. The objective of the hiding team was to find a series of clues which was spread around the area where the event is held. As for the hunting team, they were supposed to eliminate all the ones that are hiding.

The event soon started off and those who were hunting started to seek out the participants who were hiding. The atmosphere slowly builds up throughout the entire race. No one knows where the others were at. It was a real heart racing experience regardless of being chased or chasing after someone else. Screaming and shouting can be heard almost everywhere. Having to chase one another from level to level was exhausting enough. However, some ‘lucky’ participants got chased after by 5 opposing team members! WOW, that must have been a real chase and run!

After lunch, the event continued with some mini games. First off, the participants were spitted into 3 groups. Each group was given a watermelon. We were asked to split the watermelon into two parts by using only wooden chopsticks. After which we have to finish eating all the flesh of the watermelon and piece the split “shell” back together!! That was somewhat challenging and we were also competing against the other groups.

After piecing up the two parts, we have to design our watermelon with various materials which was given to us to make it as creative as possible. Well, we all had really creative watermelon designs indeed!

Next we head off to have a game of ‘guess the tongue twisters’ where each member of the team was given one word and the other members of the group is supposed to guess within a distance. Hmmmm… seems easy?? Here is the twist, the rest of the other teams did not sit back and watch the game, and instead, they are there to distract the person who is trying to act out the word to the other members. In the end, all the teams did great as no phrases could stand in their way.

Lastly, it was a forfeit for all. We were given about 1-2 sour plums and a few spoonful of sour plum syrup. It was a competition between the groups. Throughout, only one team member is allowed to drink at a time.  The game masters expected the sour plums to be too sour for everyone to handle. However, I guess everyone was more than happy to drink and eat more sour plums as it turns out to be sweet!!!!!! I’m sure the game masters were taken aback by the people’s ability to take the sourness. 

After a long day of running and mini activities played, the event had come to an end. The committee handed out prizes to all the teams for their participation. There was also a small photo taking session. We ended the day with a big and tiring smile on our faces.

Question to all was that “Was it worth coming to Running Team event?”  
Well, you know it, 

Written By:
Henry and Jasmine

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