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Retro A-teen Day 2012


On 3 August 2012, A-Team members were gathered back to school in their retro-style to celebrate the 18th Anniversary of the Ambassadorial Team! This memorable day has certainly brought us back many memories “Where the old times come back, Alive”. This buddy group event was organized by Hui Xian’s Buddy Group 1.

A Team started way back in 1995. It started to grow over the years and it is still growing strong today. Every year without fail, everyone will come together as an A-Team Family in celebrating this respectful event. It is also a time to let each member to share their experiences with one another, from the alumni’s to the newly joint members. For this spectacular year, Retro, our event theme, each members were told to be dress in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Some even wore those afro wigs, making the event look even more spectacular than ever!

The event started off by having registration which was held at Block E, Forum at 5.30pm. Door gifts were given to each member who attended. There was a welcome speech by our emcees, Anba and Najla. It was followed by getting into our respective groups, settling down, choosing of Group I/C and getting all ready for the game to commence.

The first game was the “King of pop”. This games test the cooperation of one another. It was played by three groups at a time. Every group will be given balloons (same colour), and they have to get into pair within the group. In this game, the females have to tie a balloon with the string given on to their leg, and the male is only allowed to pop the balloon of the other groups. The last colour group that remains in the game without getting their balloons popped will be the winner.

After which, they will go to respective area for the various games held around the school compound.  Even though the weather was not to our favor, with the heavy downpour and storm, our A-Team spirit keep us alive. We continued going to various station to play their games and the game master continued to host the game.

Rubber Limbo – It testes the coordination as a group to achieve the target together.  They have to have two people to hold on to the rubber band rope, and three people to be jumping in the middle at the same time. Other than this, the whole group has to cross the limbo once they are done skipping it.

Protect the baby – It testes the way the group communicate and proper coordination between one another to achieve it.  Each group is to get into pairs, and they have to balance a balloon on their hips to do challenges like the hops, spins and turns. They got to pass on to the balloon to the other pair without dropping or touching it.

Jumbo pick-up sticks – It Is to test how well they cooperate with one another. They got to build up a stable and unique structure within the time limit. Then, proceeding on, they have to play accordingly to the normal pick-up sticks rule. Everyone got to be involved in this activity.

Throw it in – This is to test their concentration and aiming skills.  They will be given five specific cups marked for the five ping pong ball to be thrown into. When all the ping pong balls are thrown into the right cup, they are said to have completed the challenge.

Pass the marble – It is to test their concentration and cooperation within the group. The group is to stand in big circle, lined up and spread across the place they are assigned to. The starting member of the team has to scoop up any number of marbles in the pail filled with water. They have to pass the marble till the end of the person without dropping any of the marble and this cycle continues.

Back to the nest – It is to test their concentration level to reach the target goals in the shortest period of time. They have to make use of the cardboard provided to fan the ping pong balls to a specific location marked by the masking tape. Game is said to be completed when all the ping pong balls are at the respective location.

At about 8.15pm, everyone gathered at E.318. The A-Team Day speech was delivered by our president, Hana. Everyone listen attentively. It was then followed by the Pledge Taking ceremony. Everyone recited the pledge, which was leaded by Hana.

What is a birthday party without having a birthday cake? Finally it’s the highlight of the event! Everyone sang the birthday song in all different languages, blows off the candles and cut the cake.

Everyone then gathered in another room to collect their A Team jacket, and redeemed their tickets that they won previously in the games to play the game of “tikam-tikam”. The tikam-tikam consists of prizes, forfeits, and a thank you. The prizes ranged from vouchers to thumb drive to mugs to magnets and all sorts of exciting prizes. It was then followed up with a mini-buffet styled dinner along with a mini-bar station with different flavours of drinks to choose from! The food was certainly mouth watering.

Having a fantastic meal was just one part, on the next part we have something which is more exciting and that is the retro night! Everyone gathered back in E318 and the emcees entertained us by asking and joking with us. Out of the blues, the Emcees suddenly called upon 4 students to come up onto the stage. It was a mystery why until they revealed that these 4 are the candidates for Mr. & Ms Retro night. With shocking faces, the 4 candidates were taken aback of what they had heard. They were chosen as they had the most Retro look during this event.
Firstly, they had to introduce themselves to the audience, and were asked why they should be the most retro-dressed person. Then, they had to go and choose their own dance partner and dance a long with the music that was given by random. First to dance was Meng Qian. Then it was followed by Amirah, Aviel and lastly Haikal. All of them chose different people to dance with. Some just danced romantically while the others dance funnily! After that, the audiences have to choose by cheering for the one they think it’s the most retro-dressed and the hidden judge chose too. I believe the judge and all the audience had a fun time laughing non-stop.

Finally, they came with a result. For this year Mr. & Ms Retro, it goes to Haikal and Meng Qian! Hui Xian crowned the both of them the most retro-dressed person. Then it came to the finale, the music was blasted and everyone had to stand up together, dancing around in the room, singing their lungs out and partying non-stop with the music. Even though it was late, all of us dance like there’s no tomorrow. It was a great day in school, certainly a memorable one for all to come together to celebrate A-Team Birthday!

Everyone helped to clean up a little and headed home. We have to thank Hui Xian the buddy group leader and the advisor, Yvonne the In-Charge, Sean the Asst- In-Charge, its Committee Members and the helpers for putting up hard work for this event. Not forgetting all the A-Team members that come together and the Alumni who came down to celebrate too! Without all of you, this event wouldn’t be a success! J

                                                                                                                    Written by: Felicia Leong and Haikal Salim

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