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National Day Celebration @ NYP 2012!

On 1st August 2012, Nanyang Polytechnic celebrated our country National Day, Singapore 47th Birthday. At 5.30pm, ambassadors reported to the A Team room as usual for assembly, attendance and attire check. The ambassadors, who were doing their first informal duty, received their very own A Team informal polo tee. After which, ambassadors were given our roles of duties. This event was something different as compared to others. When all the briefings and clarifications of duties were done, we were deployed to our respective positions, waiting for this significant event to start. The duties that some ambassadors and I were appointed to were the car park duty and the door duty, while the rest of the ambassadors were doing the crowd control duty and ushering duty.

We waited for the arrival of VIPs and invited guests and directed them to the parking lots. Upon welcoming them, we had a simple conversation with them while ushering them to the Student Affair Officers inside the atrium to host them. On the other hand, the ambassadors doing the crowd control duty were inside the atrium, managing the students’ body crowd that the place won’t be chaotic.

At 7.30pm, the event officially began, the atmosphere and enthusiasm were there, the students’ body were cheering and the hosts were interactive. It was actually quite heart-warming to see that many CCAs groups and students came together to celebrate Singapore National Day. There were dance performances, singing performances, instrumental performance and many other spectacular performances.

After all the VIPs and invited guests had arrived, all the ambassadors doing the car park duty went into the atrium to prepare our door duty. On the other hand, the rest of the ambassadors started to form a human chain from the middle of the stage towards the auditorium. After that, our Principal, Mr Chan Lee Mun, presented the donations that have been raised across five shopping centers and Nanyang Polytechnic for the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund in collaboration with Lego Company to the CEO of Straits Times.

There was a flash mob dance performance by the Foreign Body collaborate with Students’ Union. They were dancing to the National Day Parade 2007 theme song – “Will You” and the crowd started cheering and sang along.  At the same time, all the VIPs and invited guests were ushered by our A Team EXCOs along the human chain that the ambassadors had formed and ambassadors doing the door duty open the door of auditorium upon the arrival.

In the auditorium, behind the closed doors, our duty had not end. Inside, we were asked to have dinner refreshment with the VIPs and invited guests which I think it was the toughest duty in the event. We were supposed to interactive with the guests and kept them entertained. At first, we do not really know how to start a conversation. However, through the help of the Student Affair Officers, we managed to start the ball rolling by introducing ourselves.

We talked about almost anything from their job scopes, to what they really do behind the scene, and to even what is their work life like and what they used to do in school. We shared with them what we do as the school ambassador, what course we are from and what we exactly studying.

After the dinner, we had a short debrief and we were dismissed. All in all, this is a very unique and special event to participant as it is very different, significant and meaningful. Enjoyed doing this event and will definitely participant it the next year again!
Written by: Aviel Teo

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