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Leadership Camp 2012

Ambassadorial Team’s very own inaugural Leadership Camp is here! The objectives of this camp are; Develop and enhance the leadership abilities of an ambassador, equip an ambassador with the necessary skills to handle crisis situations and to also instill a sense of integrity and responsibility within an ambassador.

Upon hearing about this Leadership Camp, some ambassadors were hesitant about signing up for the camp and some of even regretted signing up for it. The reason being, none of us knew what to expect during the camp and how strict it would be like. A lot of us thought that it would be a 2 Days 1 Night of Confidence Walk. We thought: “For one to become a great leader, they must first step out of their individual comfort zone.” Thus, everyone was prepared for the “worst” on how this Leadership Camp would be like for them.

The camp started off with having the ambassadors to do a personality test. Through this test, it helps us, ambassadors, to get to know more about others. Besides knowing about others, it is also allows one to know about whom they are themselves as a unique individual! There is this Chinese proverb saying that goes, ‘ 彼, ’ (Zhi Ji Zhi Bi, Bai Zhan Bai Sheng). It means “When one knows about themselves and their enemy, they can fight a hundred battles without defeat.” Indeed this was a very interesting and a different way to kick starts the camp. This had definitely brought the camp up to a whole new level.

During the camp, there were a total of 4 different themes. They were namely; Discipline, Professionalism, Enthusiasm and Teamwork. For each theme, 2 leaders will have to volunteer to take charge and lead the entire ambassadors. As leaders, discipline is one of the most basic factors that we must display in order to lead others. The first task which was assigned was to draw up our very own camp rules. Some of the rules were:
1.    Only one language can be used.
2.    One conversation at all times.
3.    Respect and care for each other.
Throughout the camp, it was good to know that everyone did abide to the rules and even if we accidentally break the rules, we were there to remind one another.

Next, we split into 2 groups and were told to accomplish the task given. We had to dive into the swimming pool to get pieces of puzzle to form a quote and at the same time to solve a Sudoku puzzle. Initially, we were not able to fix the puzzle. However, when all leaders untie together as one and having all brains to work together, we managed to solve the puzzle! After which, we had to put on our life jacket. The next task was to hold onto each other and to float together as one. Through this activity, not only it has thought us to trust one another but to also believe in ourselves that we are able to do it so long as we are all willing to give it a try.

Discipline comes from the word ‘disciple’ which also means learner. As disciples, we must have the heart and the willingness to learn new things and to also learn from the past mistakes. One must also be able to accept chastening and do not take opinions as a personal attack. Most importantly, to be able to accept any challenges that will be thrown to us to manage in future. Yes, to some or most of us, we do agree that we will feel bitterness at times upon hearing something negative thoughts about ourselves from others. But, this is life - we must learn how to accept them graciously and to let it go. We should not base on just one incident to bring our entire moral down and get up tide with it forever. But in fact, we will have to learn from our mistakes as well as other’s mistakes. This is crucial and critical and would definitely help to ensure that mistakes which were once made will not be repeated in the future. Thus, this helps in preventing history from repeating itself all over again. It also serves as a learning platform for all to learn from it and to see what we can do to improve ourselves better.

Professionalism simply means the competence or skills which are expected from professionals. We, as leaders, are the professionals. We were separated into 2 groups. One of the groups will be the ushers and the other as parents or VIPs. We were told to be professional and usher them accordingly. However we did not managed to do a good job upon our first attempt because we did not have enough time to plan and the whole room was in chaos. We were not satisfied with our performance and decided to give it a second try. This time, more time was given to us to plan. The second attempt was a lot better as compared to the first one. Through this, we understand that adequate planning is definitely needed for any event to be a successfully carried out. When they say leaders have to be professional, it does not only mean when one is wearing on NYP’s blazer but in fact being professional at all times, anywhere. It takes just only 7 seconds for someone to build and form an image of you. Yes, it is at the snap of the fingertip! Every day, there are people streaming into the school and us being part of the school’s ambassadors, we have to uphold the name and reputation of NYP. In order to build a good impression of our school to others, we as an ambassador of NYP have a part to play. The most that one could help is to be professional.

On the second day of the camp, the theme was Enthusiasm. We first started off with the morning Physical Training – playing captain’s ball! It was indeed great to see every one being so active and enthusiastic during the game. Especially in the morning! After breakfast, we became explorers going on an adventure! We were given a simplified map and we had to draft out our route in order for us to get to the destined location. Together as a team, more bonded and united after first day, we completed our task and were able to reach our destination. However, that was not the end to it. Upon reaching, more tasks we were given to us, and nonetheless we managed to finish all of them! Great teamwork! And the very last thing that we were told to do was to hug a tree and shout, “Help! The tree is falling!” It was really entertaining to see all ambassadors running towards any tree at sight and start hugging it and acting dramatic by shouting, “Help! The tree is falling!” We are really enthusiastic, aren’t we?

Last but not least, Teamwork! Well, as the name suggest, it’s about team! Teamwork is simply a team working together to achieve great success. And what we have learnt during this camp is, “Together Everyone Achieves More!” A lot of things wouldn't have been accomplished without our teamwork. This truly impacted all of us! Everyone should have attended at least one camp in their life. Here’s a question: During camp, without teamwork, can the camp actually go on smoothly? The answer is simply NO! Nothing is better off without being able to work together as one as a team!

At the end of this Leadership Camp, there is something that has left a deep impression in every camper’s heart:

“The leaders who work most effectively,
it seems to me, never say "I."
And that's not because they have trained themselves not to say "I."
 They don't think "I." They think "we"; they think "team."
They understand their job to be to make the team function.
 They accept responsibility and don't sidestep it, but "we" gets the credit.
 This is what creates trust, what enables you to get the task done.”
 -Peter F. Drucker

Written by:
Yvonne Ng and Jasmine Lee

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