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The two weeks term break was welcomed by Camp ODYSSEY. The Ambassadorial Team organised a 3 days 2 night camp for their members. It is also a way to welcome the new batch ambassadors into the family. Camp ODYSSEY is yet another successful annual camp. During the camp, ambassadors have learnt the importance of team building, taking responsibility, leadership, and caring for one another.

Day 1

Day one of camp is usually where all the fun starts to kick in. Ambassadors reported at the forum at Block E. All of us were excited and curious of our groupings. During registration, each member was given a slip of paper. This paper determines the group that they will be in for the next 3 days.

After the registration at the Forum, everyone gathered in the Activity Room where all the activities took place. It started off with some simple cheer and games like ‘Where is the peanut’ to get everyone into the camp mood.  After which, members were given time to look for their own group member with the given piece of paper. They would have to find the missing pieces and form their group name.

The first activity was to get everyone into their groups. Each group were asked to design their team flag as well as coming up with their own goals on what they would like to achieve by the end of the camp. After which, they presented to everyone their flag identity and team cheer. This was where the bonding session begins. The next activity was building the straw tower. Members were given a specific time to use the straws given to them to build a highest tower. When the time is up, facilitators from each team proceeded up to level 4 to drop down the tower. The final activity was Do as I say not as I follow”.  It was an interesting game. A big circle was form to play this game. By this time, almost everyone got into the mood and got real excited.

After an evening filled with fun activities, it was time for supper and soon after we headed back to our bunks and have a good rest to gear up for the next day. 

Day 2

Rise and Shine to a brand new day. Camp ODYSSEY is unlike some other camps where there will be a mass morning Physical Training. Each team would have to do their morning PT as a group together with their facilitators. The task was to run one round around the school, own time own target so long as everyone is gathered back at the Forum by 7am. Doing morning PT as a group also helps to strengthen their bonds among one another as they motivated one another throughout the run. After which was breakfast followed by the highlight activities for the day. High elements - Rock climbing and assailing! We proceeded to the sports hall to have the activity. We got assistance from the ADC committee. We were taught how to belay our members up and down safely. After getting the hang on doing belaying and trying out the different rock walls, it was time for campers to have fun and to also overcome their fears of heights. Different walls were allocated with different points based on the difficultly level of the wall.  Members have to decide together as a group on which walls they want to climb or choosing the assailing. Within the given time, teams have to try to accumulate as many points as possible as it would be added up to their point system. As the activity ended, members headed back to the forum. Although campers were exhausted, still, a never-die spirit still imparted in us. Climb On, all the way!!After climbing all the rock walls, campers are starting to feel hungry and soon enough, it was time for lunch.

Up next was the amazing race whereby ambassadors have to complete the task given to them in order to get ingredient coupons for their homemade dinner. Ambassadors made noodle out of flour from scratch! After the activity, they reported back to the assembly room. Next activity was the prison break. Respective groups have to be the catcher and prisoners within their given territory. Bells were being tied to the catcher's ankle and the prisoners have to collect the clues within their territory. Basically the prisoners have to strategise their way of hiding or escape from the catchers and collect as many clues to gain points. Eventually the game ended quite early, as the catchers were able to catch the prisoners within a short time.

Everything soon became serious as the confidence session commenced. In the Faith Walk, two leaders were chosen to lead the ambassadors to a certain checkpoint within the school compound, while the rest of the ambassadors were not allowed to talk throughout the entire process. The leader's abilities were put into test. They had to lead the entire group to the checkpoint in an orderly manner, within a certain time limit and at the same time, not neglecting the group’s welfare. Furthermore, there were numerous obstacles which had to be overcome without communications amongst the ambassadors. The walk was both physically and mentally challenging. With resilience and teamwork, the ambassadors surpassed every obstacle and made it to the end of the walk.

Here are some highlight and activities during the confidence session:
è Arranging according to height followed  by alphabet
è The search of ping pong balls
è The spider web challenge
è The search of the puzzle outside the lecture room Block Q
è The mine sweeper
è Word formation of 'ODYSSEY’ at the NYP atrium. 

The confidence walk eventually ended around 4.30am. Subsequently, some of us went for shower and lastly lights off and turning into the night!

 Day 3

Final day of the camp! But we have yet to accomplish the last activity, which is the water game! Ambassadors were asked to blindfold themselves. They were then told to be aligned in a row, and hold firmly to the person's shoulder in front of us. During this walk, ambassadors were strongly told not to talk unless were told to do so. There the facilitators guided the directions. The journey to the desired destination seemed like hours...And finally, ambassadors reached an unknown place where they were spited to group. Ambassadors sat silently still blindfolded waiting for 'something scary' to happen. Then slowly, they were being guided, and in the mist of carefully taking one step at a time, cold water started splashing! Soaking wet already individually followed the facilitator, and our camp cheif Jerald handed out a certification of accomplishing the Camp ODYSSEY 2012! Campers shook his soapy hand and taking a photo with the blind folder still on. They were slowly lead to be seated down on a soft canvas, opened the blind-fold, and weeeeeeeee~ down the slide they go! Awesome!!

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