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Grooming Course 2012

Hi Ambassadors!

The details for this year Grooming Course are:

Date: 16 May 2012 (Wednesday)
Time: 5.45pm-8pm
Venue: LTL 2
Grooming Course Agenda: Here

*MEMBERS are also required to bring along your formal attires:
    • Gentlemen
    1. WHITE PLAIN formal long sleeve shirt (NO Designs/Stripes)
    2. Formal BLACK pants
    3. BLACK LONG socks (NO designs)
    4. PLAIN BLACK formal leather shoes
    5. Please bring along S$5 to purchase your blue tie for formal duties.

    • Ladies
    1. WHITE PLAIN formal long sleeve shirt (NO Designs/Stripes)
    2. NON-SILKY BLACK formal Skirt (Knee Length)
    3. OPAQUE (near to your SKIN colour) stockings (NOT sheer stockings)
    4. BLACK rubber band and bobby pins
    5. Heels / Court Shoes (NO Straps) that should not be more than 2 inches.     (See Picture below for example)

Do note that it is VERY IMPORTANT for all of you to attend the Grooming Course and it is COMPULSORY because it is specially catered to all of you so as to get you well-prepared for the upcoming Graduation Duties.

Feel free to Pamela at 92368404 or Travis at 92340471 should there be any enquries.

Here are the buddy group list if you didn't attend the 1st GM.

Thank You and SEE YOU THERE!  :)

18th EXCO

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