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Playtime Extravaganza 2011

Fun! Laughter?! PRIZES?!? It is Playtime Extravaganza!!

The Ambassadorial Team’s third internal event was proudly organised by Buddy Group 9 (Ahmad’s). Playtime Extravaganza was held on 14th October 2011 in Nanyang Polytechnic, from 2pm - 7pm. The event was a series of games designed to challenge the participants mind & body respectively. They were graded based on how they performed in certain games.

 Once the participants arrived, they were split into groups and were required to come up with names for their groups. In true A-Team fashion, the various groups decided to band together and come up with the names together. And so the affectionately named groups were: Redvaganza,  Greenvaganza, Orangevaganza and last but not least, Bluevaganza.

The exciting event was then kick-started with the first category of games—Mind games.
·         Charades
·         Follow me
·         Puzzles

We started off with the more familiar mind games; charades and puzzles. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves trying to decipher what word the player was acting out, and the puzzle pictures.

(Guess who is in the picture~)

Next was the not so familiar - Follow me. Teams must find various pictures scattered throughout the room and, to the best of their ability, mimic those pictures and take a photo.

(The amazing jump-shots)

After the mind games, we begin the next array of physical games:
  • ·         Captain’s Ball
  • ·         Bite it
  • ·         Blind the taste
  • ·         Dog & Bone

We started off with Captains’ Ball…It was just plain old Captain’s Ball right..? WRONG! Here’s the catch: instead of a ball, we were using a balloon instead! (Captain’s Ball-oon) This definitely upped the ante on excitement as participants tried to avoid being soaked by the water balloon.

(Be Careful!)

(Unfortunately, not everyone was so lucky)

Moving on was the game called Bite it. Teams must traverse a number of obstacles in order to reach the grapes at the other end where a team member must proceed to finish it all up using only his/her mouth, with help from his/her teammates.
(You can do it!)

Next up…Blind the taste! One team member will be blindfolded and guided by other team members to get through certain hurdles to the other end where they will spoon-feed a fellow blindfolded team member—yogurt.
(Say ahhh~~)

The final game is a good old-fashioned game of Dog & Bone to really let participants sweat it out.
After all the grueling physical and mental contest, it is finally time for the prize presentation! Each of the four groups really fancied their prizes, such as decored photo frames and our buddy group leader’s favourite chocolate! 
(One of the attractive prizes)

Overall, not only was this event able to create stronger bonds among A-Team members, it also built teamwork and spirit among members. Everyone utterly enjoyed themselves. Epic thanks to all participants for making this event successful!

Done by: Wei Hian & Xin Hui

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