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Race Day 2011

Off goes the hare!! An Amazing Race-inspired style chase was organised by Wei Yee’s Buddy Group 6 members. It was the second internal event for the Ambassadorial Team and was held on the 23th July 2011, Saturday at Sentosa from 10am-6pm. Despite the hectic schedule, our group engaged in 3 weeks of thorough planning for the games and locations and eventually the event turned out to be a SUCCESS!
We even sacrificed our time on Saturdays to do preparations for the games, game trials and event recce so as to ensure that our event would turn out smoothly and efficiently during the actual day.

Game Preparations

Event Recce at Sentosa

On the actual day, our buddy group, all the EXCOs and helpers met up together around 8am at Harbour Front MRT Station to set up all the games at the respective stations and at the same time, everyone was briefed for their games.

Buddy Group 6

EXCO Helpers

At around 10am, the designation and sequencing of groups were done by our event IC, Roxanne. The food for each group was also distributed equally and the race began at 11.15am.

Briefing the participants

There were a total of 10 game stations. In addition, there was one segment known as Sabo which was not part of the games, but where teams may be sabotaged by another group to repeat a station they have done previously, which will be given by Norisah (station master), at the station they are supposed to go to.

‘Cash’ Money/’Bankbook’ Slip System

Cash System:-

Teams win money from completing challenges around and at the last station, which is Fashion Show. They are entitled to purchase items using the money they earned, to dress up one of their teammates. The best group/the winning group is the group that scores the most points in the fashion show, while having the most amount of money left.

Despite the unexpected turnout of ambassadors, the atmosphere was full of excitement, enthusiasm, fun, laughter and high spirits. Most importantly, strong bonds and rapport were created among the ambassadors that led to our accomplishment of our event.

The Race Begins……

Done By: Norisah & Seri

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