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A-Team Day 2011

A-Team Day! The day where all the A-Team members came to celebrate the 17thanniversary of the Ambassadorial Team, and to remember how it all started. This special and memorable day was celebrated on 30th July 2011, and organized by Nas’ buddy group 3!

The celebration was held in NYP on a Saturday. A dress code, or rather, a colour code was set for the celebration, in which attendees were to wear either a light blue or light pink top to match our theme, “Once upon a child”.

Everyone was also supposed to bring a photo of themselves as a toddler for one of the games that were to be played, called “Guess the photo!”

There was the routine - registration, giving out of door gifts, distributing of A-Team jackets and T-shirts, and a welcome speech by our emcees Fauzan and Anba.

It was then followed up by a round of mass games!

The first game was “The Frog pond”. The objective of the game was to pretend that the area was a frog pond; newspapers were placed around the room which acted like the lilies. 

Basically the game was similar to “Tag”, just that everybody could only stand on the newspaper, and if they stepped on the ground, they would be out of the game. 2 people were chosen to be the chasers, or the foxes, while the rest of the players took the roles of hares. The winner was the last hare left in the game.

The second game was “I have never...” Everyone was to sit on a chair and form a circle. The circle had one less chair than the total number of people. The one extra person had to stand in the middle and say a statement starting with "I have never", and whoever that did what the person had stated had to get up and run to find a new seat, including the person in the centre. Whoever was left out became the new person in the center, and thus was given a forfeit. The forfeits given were probably the climax of the day! The forfeits were things like pole dancing and confessions!

The finale was “Guess the photo”. Photos were placed on vanguard sheets and A-Team members had to guess who the toddler in each photo was. We got to see how cute our fellow A-Team members were and how much they have changed! We all had lots of fun out of it. Below are some of the toddler photos of our  A-Team members!

A closing speech was given by our president, Baidura, and everyone took the A-Team pledge led by her as well.  There was also the recording of birthday wishes video from A-Team to Ms Lina as her birthday fell on the same day!

The day ended off with delicious refreshments - muffins, pies, egg tarts, puffs and ├ęclairs! Not forgetting the cute angry bird and Elmo brooch door gifts as well, they are a reminder of this one special day we celebrated together.

The tagline of the event was, “Those were the days, live it now!” The past is a good place to visit but certainly not a good place to stay, so live your life to the fullest now! :D

Done by: Daphne Lau & Sarah Moh

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