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Back 2 Basics Camp

The Nanyang Polytechnic Ambassadorial Team recently organised a camp for the members of the club. The camp, entitled “Back 2 Basics”, was truly a success as the camp took the leaders back to the fundamental basics of leadership. The camp aimed to teach the members to always have self-discipline, be responsible and respectful to one another, as well as to care for one another.
Day 1

The first day of camp came in anticipation for all of us. We were excited and anxious to know which group we would be in and how the camp would be like for the next 3 days.
After the registration at the Forum, we made our way to the Amphitheatre, which for some of us, was the first time we did so. When the registration session finally ended, the camp then officially started with the introduction by the Camp Commandant, Yaw Wei Yee. After having been briefed about the rules and regulations of the camp, we then made our way to the basketball court near Block M for our very first ice-breaking games.
Like every camp, the main aim of ice-breaking games was to forge the bond among new found friends as well as bringing the mood up for everyone. While we were so happy running and sticking a note to our friends’ back, little did we know that there was actually some hidden purpose in this game. Not forgetting as well the forfeit for our 2 grand winners as well, Jerald and Grace, was performing the poll dance while we sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. After the game, we were told not to take out the sticky notes on our back, but to line up according to the colour of the sticky notes. Only then we realised, that the colour of the stick note was in fact the deciding factor of which group we ended up in. After we met our group facilitators, we then went back to the Amphitheatre.
In the Amphitheatre, we wrote the things we wanted to achieve throughout the camp. During this time, our facilitators also introduced themselves, as well as members to each other. When we were told that we had to make a flag and to create a cheer, we quickly had a brainstorm session in our group so that we could create a flag and a cheer to be proud of. The facilitators also took this time to play some games to lighten up our mood. After an interesting presentation of every group’s flags and cheers, we then moved out, group by group, for our night station games around the school!
During the night games, we were given different kind of challenges. There were some stations that we had to work without even being able to see, putting our group cooperation to the test and creativity as well! Each station had its own specialty, aimed at helping us with our teamwork.
After a whole night of fun, we then headed back to have a good night’s rest.
Day 2
The second day of ABC began with the Penguin Song and the Banana Dance as part of the morning workout. Everyone was energized after the workout and prepared to take on day two with high spirits. We then proceeded to the field for ball games. It was certainly a game full of running around and tossing as the different teams planned their tactics to eliminate the opposing team. After the games concluded, the campers went on ahead and took a DISC personality test. The objective of the DISC test was to help the members to understand more about themselves, as well as understanding the different types of leaders. From this personality test, we understood that a leader can be a leader, and a follower as well.
We then had our buddy group session. This was a session where we could meet our buddy group members, not only to share the experiences we had in the camp, but also to discuss the aim of the buddy group as well. We also took our time to write down our own individual target to achieve by the end of the year. Some time was also spent to write down what we hoped to see and achieve by our Ambassadorial Team.
The day continued with a relay race in the stadium. The relay race was perhaps one of the most enjoyable activities of day two. Through the relay race, the different teams had to overcome a series of creative obstacles which included a soapy and wet slide. Each member of the group also buckled up so that they could be the fastest group of the relay.
As night fell, the highly anticipated Talent Night began as the campers welcomed the alumni who were also the judges for the night. The evening of performances was both funny and entertaining as everyone showcased their ideas of going back to basics with creativity and unique styles. It was a memorable night as every single one of the campers was pouring their best efforts into making the Talent Night an amazing night.
Everything soon became serious as the Faith Walk session commenced. In the Faith Walk, two leaders were chosen to lead the ambassadors to a certain checkpoint within the school, while the rest of the campers were all muted. The leader's abilities were really put onto the test as they had to lead the entire group to the checkpoint in an orderly manner, within a certain time limit and at the same time, not neglecting the group’s welfare. Furthermore, there were numerous obstacles which had to be overcome without communications amongst the ambassadors. The walk was both challenging to the mind as well as the body, and everyone struggled to keep up as they followed the lead of their leaders. With resilience and teamwork, the ambassadors surpassed every obstacle and made it to the end of the walk. Exhausted, everyone retired for the night soon after.
Day 3
Day 3 started on a happier note as the campers were treated to a heavier breakfast. Reflections of the previous night’s event were shared as everyone applauded the leaders for overcoming the difficulty they had to face, as well as themselves for surviving the walk. With that, everyone then moved on to more activities such as Ride that Pony to kick start the mood. And before we knew it, it was time for Sticky Thoughts! Sweet memories and times spent together were all put into words and pasted on the backs of new found friends and fellow ambassadors.
It wasn't long till the commencement of the next activity; the campers were blind-folded and promised a surprise from the EXCOs. There were leaders selected to lead again, but this time communication was allowed. Kept in suspense, we slowly approached the destination of our big surprise. On our way there, we were constantly splashed with water as we travelled with our hands on the shoulders of the person in front, relying on them to navigate ourselves.
When we finally arrived at the destination, screams can be heard from the front. It got us anticipating in excitement for the big surprise. We were then asked to sit down on a wet floor while they poured a bucket of soap onto us. It was only when they pushed us down the slide that we realized what was happening. It was perhaps the most amazing surprise we've had in a long time!
After washing up, it was time for the long anticipated Prize Presentation! Everyone was buzzing with excitement while waiting for the results to be announced. Everyone gave their loudest cheer and applauded the winners. Certificates for every camper, facilitator, game master and photographer were given out during the Prize Presentations.

After the prize presentation, it was time to break camp. However, worn out as everyone was, part of us wished that the camp would go on. With all of our remaining strengths, everyone cheered one last time before bidding each other farewell. Though the camp might have ended, it will definitely be a treasured experience for each and every one of us. The laughter we all had, the tough times we endured as a team; it will be a memory that will forever be engraved in our hearts.
In retrospect, the camp brought the whole of Ambassadorial Team together and bonded us all. While the camp was filled with games and activities, it still possessed many important learning points and taught us the importance of many values such as communication, responsibility, teamwork and resilience. We learned to be disciplined when activities are being carried out, be responsible for the actions we’ve taken, be respectful to each other and to care for one another. In conclusion, we believe that all of us learned much more than what we expected from this camp.

Done By: Jennifer & Travis

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