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pronounced as expectation, is the first internal event for the Ambassadorial Team. It was held on the 17th of June 2011; shortly after ABCamp where everyone enjoyed themselves. It was organised by buddy group 7- Eleanor’s Buddy group. Despite everyone’s busy schedule in the group and with the short time frame that we have, our event was a success.

We first came together with the thought to bring everyone together so that they could bond in their individual buddy groups. Furthermore, as exams were around the corner, we wanted everyone to enjoy themselves before they started mugging hard.

One day before the event, problems started surfacing; however we were reassured by Eleanor that nothing could go wrong. We braced ourselves for the actual day.

On the day itself, we started off with registration at the forum. When most of the members came, which by the way wasn’t a lot, but that doesn’t matter as we were in high spirits, we proceed to the dome for our ice breaker games which was led by Seri and Huda. At that point of time, no one can expect what was going to happen even though they knew it was a treasure hunt.

Ruebena handling the registration

The queue for registration

The teams started off with a simple game - Leap of faith, which was to make a skipping rope out of rubber bands and jump together 10 times as a buddy group. The groups were all hyped up and enthusiastic. They completed it in no time where they were given picture clues to their first station. They proceed in all different directions, racing to be the winner. Thus the treasure hunt has begun.

There were a total of 5 different stations:
  1. Butt Game
  2. Balance The Ping Pong
  3. Aim For Hole
  4. Unscramble
  5. Deep Sea Search

Picking marbles from the “DEEP SEA”

Each station that the teams completed, they were awarded with a piece of material which they were asked to use for the next segment of A*xpectations: Car building. In this segment, each group had to build a specific vehicle they had chosen by drawing lots. The different vehicles were: tank, helicopter, police car and MRT. The groups were stunned to hear such weird names, but that didn’t let their spirits go down as they were soon busy discussing about how to build their vehicles.

The team coordination moment

Lastly, with their newly-made vehicles, the team had to move around the campus in them to look for certain places with pictures as clues provided. At the designated place, they had to take a picture of the place with them inside the vehicle. With the taken pictures as the pass of approval, they then proceed for the last game of the day, “The Egg Game”. In this game, the teams had to secure their egg with leftover materials from the car building game and drop it 4 storeys down without breaking the egg.

Awaiting for the egg to drop

It was a fun-filled event, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Done by: Emily & Kian Hao

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