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Installation Ceremony 2011

NYP AMBASSADORIAL TEAM INSTALLATION CEREMONY 2011 - An annual event to install the new Junior Ambassadors, Senior Ambassadors, Key Appointment Holders (KAHs), and of course, the new 17th Executive Committee. This ceremony symbolizes the stepping down of the previous batch, as the next one assumes responsibility. In accordance, this event honors the Graduating Ambassadors for their years of dedication and contributions. Similar to the years before, the Installation Ceremony 2011 was held in the Theatre for the Arts (TFA), on 19th January 2011.
The theme this year was One SpiritAspire. Inspire. Maneuver.

Preparations began in December 2010, with the formation of different committees, mainly the Core Committee, Publication & Creative, Performance & Video, Registration & Decoration and Logistics & Reception. Following that, the objectives of each committee were made clear, and plans were immediately put into place. The commitment of each member was tested as all strived to maintain a balance between schoolwork and preparations for Installation during the Common test period. However, in the end, everyone managed to persevere and push through until the day finally arrived.

[At the registration table – guests arriving]

Installation DAY – 19th January 2011

After multiple rehearsals, beginning at 10 in the morning, the long-awaited ceremony commenced at 5.30pm. The TFA started to fill up with invited guests, who were all entertained by videos of past events that A-Team had organized.

Once everyone had settled, the show kicked off with a customary speech by the 16th President, Sean Lai. He spoke of A-Team’s growth and accomplishments during the past year, and also shared his hope and vision for the future. His words inspired and resonated within each ambassador.

Following that was one of the more entertaining segments of the ceremony – the performance. The Performance & Video Team had practised for months to put together a show that was a first for any Installation Ceremony – a musical. The storyline was closely tied to the theme ‘One Spirit’, in which a troupe of dancers had their loyalty and bonds put to the test when a favoured member of their group was injured by one of their own. The internal struggle they faced and the resilience they displayed to overcome it was significant in portraying the desired strength of the Ambassadorial Team.

[Emily – showing remorse after being the catalyst to the group’s falling out]

It wasn’t all angst and depression, though. There were light-hearted moments as well; when Patrick, the injured dancer rose from his bed, miraculously healed.

[Jerry (left) educating Emily of the importance of working as one unit]

When it ended, the actors were given a wonderful reception. Mission accomplished – the audience liked it, and got the message.

After that, the theme video was played, where the new 17th Executive Committee expressed what ‘One Spirit’ meant to each of them. That wasn’t all, however – they were also subjected to their embarrassing bloopers being played to the audience, which caused a lot of laughs.

Once it was over, the atmosphere grew solemn as the time had arrived for the ambassadors to be installed. One by one, each ambassador stepped up to the stage, in a systematic fashion, to receive their Name Card & Name Tag. The Junior Ambassadors went first, followed by the Senior Ambassadors, Graduating Ambassadors, and the announcement of the Outstanding Ambassadors. The new Key Appointment Holders (KAHs) were also recognized:

Editorial Secretary – Jerry Goh
Creative Secretary – Grace Lim
Communications Secretary – Jerald Lim
Logistics Secretary – Pamela Ho

Then, the moment had finally arrived – the appointment of the 17th Executive Committee. It was the focal point of the ceremony, what everyone had been looking forward to. The Executive Committee consisted of 9 people this year:

President – Siti Nur Baidura Bte Rahman
Vice President – Mohamed Safiullah
Vice President & Finance Executive – Nas Nasyrah Bte Nasiari
Secretarial Executive – Nur Hana Bte Shariff
Creative Executive – Cassandra Hong
Communications Executive – Yaw Wei Yee
Relations Executive – Eleanor Goh
Logistics Executive – Soh Cher Yee
Welfare Executive – Ahmad Sholaahuddin

It was a celebrated affair, with the audience erupting as each name was called out. It was followed immediately by the Passing Down Ceremony, where a token personifying the new theme, ‘One Spirit’ was handed over from the 16th Executive Committee to the 17th Executive Committee. It was representative of the 16th EXCOs passing down the torch to the 17th.

[The 17th President holding the Passing Down Symbol]

Next was the Farewell Video – a tribute to the graduating ambassadors, thanking them for all they had done for A-Team. It was a heartfelt and bittersweet occasion, with tears shed. Not only did the current ambassadors get to voice their farewells, those graduating also had their chance to say their goodbyes.

[Ahmad (17th Welfare Executive) saying his farewell to Sean (16th President)]

The next item was an unexpected one. A group of ambassadors had prepared a surprise performance! There was singing and dancing and a lot of fun, but with the songs, 'Lean On me', 'Walking On Sunshine' and 'Time Of My Life', the message behind it was also clear - the graduating ambassadors were deeply appreciated, and would be dearly missed.


[Ambassadors clearly putting in their best efforts into a song-and-dance number]

[All ambassadors at attention, hands raised as they take the Ambassadors’ Pledge]

It was signalling near the end of the ceremony when the 17th president, Siti Nur Baidura, stepped up to deliver her speech. She emphasized how much far A-team had come since it was first established, and expressed her gratitude to the seniors. She also talked about the importance of teamwork, and developing the leaders' of tomorrow. "We are not a team with a great leader. We are a team of great leaders."

The rousing speech was concluded with the traditional pledge-taking, where every ambassador rose in tandem, and held up their right hand. They recited the Ambassadors’ Pledge, taking the cue from the President. The words were uttered with conviction, every ambassador proud.

With the completion of the pledge came the end of the ceremony. The emcees, Timothy and Elizabeth closed the event by thanking all those in attendance.

[NYP Ambassadorial Team Installation Ceremony 2011]

Though the Installation Ceremony indicated the end to a wonderful year, it also ushered in the beginning of a fantastic one.

[Sean Lai, 16th President]

Done By: Nur Hana Bte Shariff

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