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Halloweeen @ The Blackout 2010 !

How did you spend your Halloween night on the 29th October 2010? Were you all dressed up with greasy make-ups, scary mask and bunny ears? A-Team spent theirs by collaborating with NYP’s MINDSPORT and Student Union for an overnight expedition which was titled, THE BLACKOUT!

Before the event officially begun, you could hear screams coming out from E308A and E308B. Participants had been put through a test of ordeal whereby, they had to enter the gate of hell. The gate of hell tested their bravery and many passed, few failed.

After all the hoo-ha, participants were made to play ice- breaking games among the members of the groups they were broken up into. We then played ‘Whack a bone’, a game thought up by the Halloween committee with the aim to get participants to learn the names of their group members.

In this game, participants have to pair up and one of the pair has to form a circle while the other has to stand behind their partner who will be sitting. The rule of the game is such that every pair has to remember one another’s name. The one standing have to be vigilant at all times. They won’t know when their partner’s name would be called out and they have to “protect” them. If they failed to do so, the one whose name was called will have to be the next one to whack the next target.

Once the participants got to know each other better, they were brought back to E308A and E308B to watch a horror movie, THE SHUTTER. The crew behind the scene then made use of this opportunity to get the “ghost” ready for their various roles played through the night.

During the screening, screams could be heard and there were some who were so petrified that they hid their faces behind their friend’s back. This was only the beginning of the terrifying night.

After the movie, facilitators gathered their members and started moving out to the various stations that were specially set up for this event. “Ghosts” were then planted strategically all around the school compound to add to the excitement which was about to begin.

First stop was the 8 steps of hell. For every hoop, there will be a command and it has to be followed or they can’t proceed to the next game.

After everybody has completed the game, they then preceded on to the next the station which was the ‘Pick or trick’. In this station, participants have to use their mouth to hold on to a polky stick fishing out for the polo sweets which were in a tray of flour. The facilitator will then blow the flour onto their faces.

The third stop was the remote control game whereby all members of participating teams have to get blindfolded and only listen to their facilitator’s command. This was also the place where the “ghosts” sprung into action and kidnapped a member of each group. Many of the groups did not notice the disappearance of one of their members until they got on to their next station which was the mystery box.

The mystery box contains a ring and only the female participants are allowed to place their hands in the box to search for it. Upon discovering that one of their members went missing, they started a human hunt. Team spirit could be seen through the frantic search and they were only willing to proceed on with the game when the member was found.

Last but not least, there was also a station on the weeping lady and the bandage of the mummy. Many of the male participants had fun trying to please the crying witch who was said, to have full of hatred against guys due to the fact that she was once let down by a guy. It was also through here, we discovered that A-Team, SU and Mind sports have really talented singers and drama kings.

After going through all the stations, came the bandaging of the mummy. In this stop, there were rolls of toilet tissues placed on the tables waiting for the grand arrivals of the various groups to pick them up. The toilet rolls were for them to design their very own mummy, allowing them to try and gain more merits to make their way to the top 3 prizes.

At around 04:45AM on the 30th October 2010, refreshments were lay out and almost everyone were close to dozing off but nevertheless, it still ended off well with the prize giving presentations, ending speech and photo taking sessions.

The event officially ended at 06:00AM and everyone was satisfied with their night filled of horror and fun. The Halloween event also brought bonding among the members of A-TEAM, SU and MINDSPORT signaling the positive impact of it brought through the collaboration.

Done by: Grace Lim

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