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Build-and-Prawn 2010!

On 24th July 2010, Randy's Buddy Group organised Build-and-Prawn 2010!. It was an internal event for all ambassadors which were held at Hai Bin U Enterprise (Bishan). Registration starts at 3pm and when all ambassadors reached, everyone was split into 5 different groups.

To start off, we had ice-breaking games to hype up the atmosphere. We played Wacko among their own group before we had a mass ice-breaker whereby we played Who-What-HUH?! Ahmad and Hanwen lost and had to do a forfeit by doing a chicken dance in front of the audience.

After a fun and amusing performance, begins the prawning event! The groups had to compete among each other to see who caught the most prawns as that would be their dinner! While some of them sat back patiently prawning, 2 people from each groups would paired up and played Treasure Hunt at a nearby HDB flat. Before setting off, their hands and legs were being tied together with their partners. The purpose of this game was to look for a specific item while coordinating with their partners. The challenging part was to walk over the overhead bridge. Each round, only one group who found the item got to keep it. These items that they found would be very useful in the final activity, dressing up as the ‘Prawn King’ and ‘Prawn Queen’!

For each groups there will be a ‘Prawn King’ and ‘Prawn Queen’. They would have to dress them up using the materials provided (newspapers, scissors, etc) and additional items that they got during the treasure hunt (one group got straws!). Also, some groups who won the Sudoku got masking tape, cardboards and garbage bags. All groups put in creativity to dress up their prawn kings & queens, and they were ready to catwalk for us!

The committees formed up as the judges and all the prawn kings & queens enthusiastically did a catwalk. The judges also asked questions regarding to why they were dressed up that way and the interesting answers that the prawn kings and queens said really gave the judges and audiences a good laugh. The strong competition among the prawn kings & queens let the judges had a hard time deciding the winners.
After that was the long awaited dinner! We get to barbeque the prawns that we caught and also other foods such as chicken wings, hotdogs, crabsticks that is provided by the committee. Besides having our dinner, there was also a food competition whereby each groups have to come up with a dish. The judging criteria were based on the taste and presentation of the food.

The whole event wrapped up with prize presentation. Prizes were given to the best group, Justin the ‘Prawn King’ and Angel the ‘Prawn Queen’. Not forgetting our photographers from the photography club who had been with us the whole day taking beautiful photos for us. All of us had fun and enjoyed ourselves through this unique experience of prawning which definitely tightens the bonds of the A-Team family!

Done by: Delfin Ow

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