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A-Team Day 2010!

To sum this day up in one word, A-Team Day could only be described as being incredible. This 2-month-late birthday brought together ambassadors of the old and the new, to commemorate the 16 years that A-Team had been in existence. Held on 1st October 2010, the celebration party kicked off at 5pm, with those in attendance receiving their very own A-Team jacket. Themed “Your Past, Our Future”, everyone came dressed in their secondary school uniform, as per the dress code.

The party began when the two emcees for the event, Jerry & Chui Fann, appropriately dressed in their own version of ‘Old School’, started off with a short introduction of A-Team Day. Next came the icebreaking games, ‘Pass the Parcel’ and ‘Grab That’. The games were entertaining, and really stimulated the atmosphere.

After that, it was show time. Every buddy group had been tasked to come up with a video, skit, or dance, based on the given theme. First up was Suzanne’s buddy group, followed by Wei Keong’s and Han Wen’s buddy groups, all exhibiting their videos. The videos displayed each group’s understanding of the theme, either through a montage of clips from past experiences, or a role-play demonstrating their interpretation.

Then came the next activity, ‘Don’t Forget The Lyrics’, based on the popular game show with the same name, where participants had to complete the lyrics to a song of their choice. Once finished, it was followed by the A-Team Day Video. Subsequently, the rest of the buddy groups had their go, with a skit from Safi’s, another video from Mei Gui’s, a skit by Sean’s, and ending with a dance number from Randy’s group. All in all, the pieces put up were equally enjoyable, and did well in paying tribute to this year’s birthday.

Afterward, the customary A-Team Day speech was delivered by our 16th president, Sean Lai, in which he closed off by starting to lead everyone in taking the pledge. It was a solemn experience, and every ambassador was heard reciting the words with conviction. Once it was done, the alumni were invited on stage to sing and cut the cake. Everyone stood up and sang along, really getting into the spirit of A-Team Day. Then the candles were blown, and the cake was cut, bringing an end to a fantastic night.

The celebration party finished off with a delicious reception, and heaps of photo-taking. Ultimately, the whole event was a blast, and props to Nas’ buddy group for a job well done.

Done by: Nur Hana Bte Shariff

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