Nanyang Polytechnic

Ambassadorial Team

Community Service // Leadership Development // Facilitation

7th GM / Voting GM *compulsory*

Hey Ambassadors!

The next General Meeting will be as follows...

Date: Wednesday, 3 November 2010
Time: 6.30pm - 8pm
Venue: LTL-1 (SIT)

CreA*tive Crew – Build-and-Prawn Recap Video (Hanwen)
A*ditorial Crew – Build-and-Prawn Article on Imprints (Safi)
CommunicA*tions Crew – Alympics Pre-Event Publicity (Nas)
Voting of 17th EXCO & Key Appointment Holders (KAH)*
Balloting for Positions in Installation Committee 2011

*Please come prepared by thinking of one Year 1 and one Year 2 Ambassador that you want to vote for, along with the EXCO position.

This session is compulsory. You will not be given the rights to vote if you miss this GM. Bring along your Notebook, and Writing Materials.

Click HERE to download and print a copy of the 7th GM / Voting GM Agenda.

See you there.

16th EXCO

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