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A-TEAM DAY 2010: "Beyond The Horizon" Week

As part of the A-Team Day Celebrations 2010, we will be hosting a virtual event where all Ambassadors, Alumni, Supporters and Fans can join in to show their love for NYP A-Team!All guests are required to download the ["Beyond The Horizon" Week Logo] and use it as their Display Picture on MSN, Skype, Facebook, etc, for the entire week! It will be a Virtual Event (on MSN, Skype, Facebook, and etc) held from Monday, 27 September to Friday, 1 October!

Here is what you need to do:
Click on the link to open the image file in a new browser. Right click on the image and select "Save Picture As" to download the logo into your computer!
That's it! So what are you waiting for? Change your display pictures today!

This entire virtual event will end off with a Celebration party for A-Team Day~
  • Date: 1 October 2010, Friday
  • Time: 5pm - 8pm
  • Venue: NYP, Block E, Level 3, E.308B
  • Theme: Your Past, Our Future
  • Dress Code: Previous School Uniform - NO SLIPPERS!!

Each Buddy Group will also be presenting either a Video, Skit or Performance!
(Your EXCOs will direct you guys accordingly). Come down to NYP as we celebrate A-Team's 15th birthday!

**One more thing! All current Ambassadors will receive your very own
A-Team Jackets during the Celebration on 1 Oct!

So what are you waiting for? Join in the fun today!

Join our Facebook Event too:

~Brought to you by Nas' Buddy Group!~

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